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  1. It is sad and embarrassing how little, fake members believe they know the Watchtower. It’s a shame that a few loyal followers of Pastor Russell took it upon themselves to place the pyramid obelisk memorial in behalf of Russell. Opposer's don’t usually mention it. They like to pretend it was the Watchtower that put it there. How sad in did! Chapter 4. Witness for Jehovah IT IS AN AMAZING THING that no Pittsburgh history has ever even so much as contained the name of Charles Taze Russell, since his influence has easily been the widest of any man who ever lived in the city, not even excepting Andrew Carnegie. He was a pioneer in the chain store, the motion picture industry and other important business ventures. He was one of the most prolific and widely read authors of his day, turning out many books and a column carried at one time by more than 1500 newspapers, with some 15,000,000 readers. He founded the one major religious movement to have appeared in the Pittsburgh district in the past two years, a movement which has reached world-wide scope and is still one of the fastest growing religious organizations in many countries. Even his tomb is one of the most remarkable in all the Pittsburgh district, although few of the thousands who see it have any knowledge who is buried there, and most of them would not even recognize his name if they heard it. Perhaps some of them would more readily recognize the name Pastor Russell, by which the man with the great white beard was known during most of his lifetime; a name as sincerely loved and as bitterly hated as almost any in American history. Around that name for years raged some of the bitterest controversies which ever divided the Christian world, and the controversies still rage, although his name is not so much heard in the discussions. Divisions how many divisions are there among the Bible Students? That is a difficult question to answer, for not all interpret the term division as meaning exactly the same thing. Let us think of it from the standpoint of ecclesias and the viewpoints of ecclesias. When we do this, we do not find so many divisions as some might expect. In city after city throughout America, as well as other parts of the world, there are but the two groups—those who are with the original organization and those who are not. In a few places there are small ecclesias who follow their favorite leader; but only a very small minority of the brethren are involved. At a national convention of one such group there were but thirty- five in attendance. In a very page 23 few localities we find a small group of brethren who meet by themselves because of differing views on the covenants and related subjects. But here again the number involved is very small. Here and there today, even as was the case in the time of Brother Russell, we find two classes in a city, both groups believing essentially the same things, but divided because of conflicting personalities. Pastor Russell Not the Founder of "Jehovah's Witnesses" Contrary to some publicity made concerning "Jehovah's Witnesses," Pastor Charles Taze Russell is not the founder of this religious group. He was never associated with them, nor did he ever claim the name. Pastor Russell died in 1916, while the "Jehovah's Witnesses" did not come into existence until 1931. Linking Pastor Russell with "Jehovah's Witnesses" leaves the decidedly mistaken view that their teachings and beliefs are alike. Such is not the case. I guess the only ones keeping Pastor Russell’s teaching alive is apostates, fake members and ex-witnesses that can’t find anything better to do than ridicule a person that can’t defend himself. How pathetic! Even though Rutherford made a name change in 1931, it didn’t go into effect until 1933. Even when he exclaimed “Am I one of Jehovah’s Witnesses” Everyone in that conference yelled NO! However, if people are smart enough which none can be found here, the association under witnesses didn’t fully develop until 1950, With Brother Knorr at the helm! Why did Rutherford find it a need to terminate the Pyramid ideology? PYRAMID--Date 1910. Q555:4: QUESTION] (1910)--4--What importance do you attach to the date October, 1910, in view of the suggestion in the Pyramid? ANSWER--In the chapter on the Pyramid, in the third volume of Scripture Studies, we made mention of the fact that a measurement might be taken up the front of that large step, you remember, that is at the top of the Grand Gallery; that it could be measured up that step and along that step to about the junction line. We did not have the {Page Q556} exact measurement of that, but we took what is termed a paper measurement. That is to say, if anything is drawn to a scale, you can, by measuring very carefully with a piece of paper, estimate pretty closely, and our estimate of that, as I remember it, and as recorded there in the third volume, was that the point of time in inches would seem to represent October, 1910; but we did not give that as anything positive, nor as anything we know. I do not know anything about October, 1910. It is merely a suggestion. When it comes to October, 1910, I think it will be very well for you to have both eyes open and look around and see if you see anything. But the dates that are given to us prophetically are the ones I think we ought to especially give heed to. Now these prophetic dates seem to be, 1874, October; 1878, in the spring; and then 1881, in October; and then October, 1914. Now these, as far as we can tell, are the dates marked in prophecy, and to these we do well that we take heed as unto a light shining in a dark place, as St. Peter says. That does not mean that we know now, or that we ever knew, nor that we say now, nor that we ever said, that the suggestions made respecting these dates which are based upon prophecies are indisputable; nor that we have ever claimed infallibility in the interpretation of the prophecies in connection with them. What do we say, in the Scripture Studies, you will remember, is this: That to our understanding, this teaches this, and that teaches that, and the other teaches the other. We do not see any other way they could be held together, or any other conclusion that could be reached; and for my own part, therefore, I believe that those dates signify such and such things. That is all we have ever said; we never said we were infallible in these things. We believe them. We have believed them from the first; we are acting upon that belief. But, my dear friends, if October, 1915, came, or October, 1920, came, and no great time of trouble, and no change of all the Church came, it would not overthrow my faith in the divine plan of the ages for a moment. God is selecting a Church as the Seed of Abraham, and that Church as the Seed of Abraham is predestinated to do the work of blessing all the families of the earth; whether 1915 is the exact time for that to begin, or the trouble that will introduce that time of blessing, is another matter. I believe October, 1914, is the time when we may expect that great time of trouble, because it seems to our judgment, as far as we can understand the Scriptures, that is the time when the Gentile period of lease, or tenure, will expire, and when, therefore, we may expect that the time of trouble shall be ushered in; and that time of trouble we understand is the one the Scriptures tell about—a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation, a time of trouble which shall overwhelm all sorts of government, and every institution of the present time; and a time of trouble which thus will make ready and prepare mankind for the glorious reign of Christ and his Church, for the blessing and uplifting of all the families of the earth. Simply put, there was no longer a need to have a precise measurement with the pyramid scheme since the “Gentile Times” drew the same conclusion. Bringing another scathing rebuke for apostates that continue to insist Russell spoke of Armageddon in 1914. His own words refute that claim.
  2. LOL! Just like you make things up to look good for your apostate base at AD1914. More insults! 😂 Not by a long shot. When have I cross-referenced AllenSmith34 you mindless jerk! I have contacted that person. He has advised me how much of a snake you are, That I do believe. 😏 I won't be talking about diversions since you're an old pro at it.
  3. I don't know them personally as you do. I know their disgusting apostate works. That's as far as I care to know earthworms. Only to refute your claims of honesty and misrepresentation of Watchtower literature like any other ex-witness. I don't admire your conclusions or research like Anna. This statement is just another insult. Leave it to people like John and Srecko to agree with you. Then you must be as dense as James since these two avatars are cross-referencing the subject matter. Who do you think your fooling if not yourself so you won't come out looking denser. Don't play to the masses, you know as well as I with this is, just more dishonesty from a person that claims to look for the absolute truth. When will you start to give it, and not play to the members at AD1914. How long have you been posting and are a regular blogger in this forum. I don't have to show the dishonesty that you presently have shown. I don't think I have to go beyond what you are willing to hide. I gave my response in Tom's post, without knowing you were going to be dishonest about the why.
  4. Not with all Christian moral and standards. However, I have not seen you put a smiley face emoji to the insults given by James and ?Winsider about my life giver. Even if ?Winsider insist it's not true, but we both know what he was attempting to do by arguing about worthless money on the streets. It wasn't about the value of money, but the conclusion behind the money rolling down the street without people having no care for it, not even as a souvenir to pick it up. At least in Iraq, even though that money was worthless, it was able to be cashed out for real script or sold as souvenir script. Meaning some kind of value. In Valenzuela, there was none. Making an old ideology come true, and that makes ?Winsider desperate attempts an insult. He knows it, I know it, but he too much of a coward to admit it.
  5. James, far be it from me to insult your mother as my mother has been insulted by you and ?Winsider that Melinda, comfortmypeople, Anna, Outta Here seem to think is funny, which is a disgusting unchristian act by the way, but if you personally and directly think that about your own, far be it from me to dispute your claim.
  6. Well it’s good to know you know most of the scumbags that subscribe to garbage truth. That’s a pie in the face for your most loyal subject and devotee “Anna” that is a cultist to ?Winsider, since you are talking about the Bible Student era being loyal cultist to Russell. She prefers to follow you (man) rather than stick to scripture and follow God. Where is the genius on that logic about testing to see if you are a cult of false prophets. Another point of your hypocrisy since you keep insisting that people should challenge the Watchtower teachings to see if they speak the truth, while you misrepresent the Watchtower literature just like the scumbags you know so well since some were part of your era of Bethel members. That also makes you a liar about not caring what these people have to say, while commenting if NB know the source of his post, which he confused with his other avatar. Funny how you don’t seem to have a problem with that, or mention it, but you insist that I am AllenSmith34. Another indicator of your deceptive traits and human conditioning. Most but not all modern day Bible Students still subscribe to Charles Taze Russell original works. You seem to insinuate today's Watchtower does the same. You talk a big game about “TRUTH” when you dishonestly talk falsehoods about the Watchtower. That makes you a bigger hypocrite. Stop playing to your AD1914 members. You will never be a witness in good standing, so I don’t see how being a spy for ex-witnesses does them any good.
  7. Aside from that misfit Lloyd Evans, Why are you so desperate to find who the scumbags are that compiled all those articles that are taken out of context. I'm not talking about the Watchtower publications. The misrepresented material. What’s your personal agenda? Is it seeking truth or is there an ulterior motive to accumulate more dirt. You should ask your former buddies from Bethel. Anyone rings a bell? Mike & Kim, P Asare, J Redwood, Average Joe, B Bowen and Wifibandit.
  8. You're a push over, it would so work, but I don't swing that way bubba! 😁 Try "Insider" you both seem to have the same gutter brain! 😏
  9. Now these one just proves my theory about neanderthals I'm ashamed to have insulted them by comparing them to you James! 😂
  10. Yes, well I’m not talking about an individual action but the psychology behind the human interaction. There’s a world, where very little is known to the common folk. Try to keep up. There is always a decision to be made in these situations. Decisions a victim has to live with. One point. If a female witness goes to a nightclub, gets plastered, walks out of the nightclub drunk as hell, a male follows this person, and rapes her in her own car. Can that be considered consensual sex because she can’t say no.? Governments grapple with this kind of situation daily. But, does it mean she committed fornication because she couldn’t say no, or didn’t have the ability to fight the aggressor because of her condition. That’s where the question lies. Maybe that witness didn’t willingly submit to sex and got raped. But, how did she get there to begin with. That is a factor, which no one is qualified to answer if they don’t have the experience to weigh in on all factors with discernment and wisdom. The Government is in the same position with such cases, but what about if it would be introduced to a panel of Elders. The government are obligated to weigh in on the physical evidence while, a committee would have to go beyond the physical evidence, along with the emotional trauma, and biblical understanding of drunkenness. Before, you start with nonsense this is just a, hypothetical. Meaning, what you think you know because you spent 3 months searching the internet, doesn't mean you know anything.
  11. Probably because disgusting people like you think of rape as a sex only crime, it's not about sex, it's about the POWER a person has over another. That goes for Male, female, and youth. It's extremely embarrassing how little you know about worldly subjects. I guess it should be expected since you know even less about the Watchtower, and how it tries to keep a balanced view when witnesses have to deal with worldly problems themselves. 😉 Therefore, don't try to analyze something you are no good at, it just makes it that more pathetic! 😏
  12. That goes to show, those who thought internet was a good idea without first thinking the mayhem it would cause later in life by unscrupulous people. The devil doesn’t sleep. Those that wish to inflict harm will find a way through the internet. The black web is proof of that! VPN was to keep prying eyes like corporate and government from being too invasive. That hasn't stopped Microsoft, Apple, NSA, Interpol!
  13. That means you are part of a selective boys club! Continue, I love the laughter every day. I thought neanderthals were unintelligent, you and ?Winsider disprove that theory by being less! 😂
  14. NB, I think you are confusing your other avatar with this subject about blood issue. Your evidence is about fornication on page 82. This issue is under Matthew. Try to keep it straight. Medical science is self-explanatory. Whole Blood was the norm back then. It still is, since it’s cheaper. However, for fornication: I believe the distorted evidence will show with one simple word, “consent”. At what point would a person consider it without a fight. I know of several cases where a woman preferred to die rather than submit to rape. Stop trying to think for others. If, you’re not willing to look at misleading evidence in the correct context. This is why ex-witnesses are such losers. 1 Corinthians 6:18 New International Version (NIV) 18 Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body. It goes toward culture. Back in the 70s and 80s. A woman who wore a miniskirt was often said, “She was asking for it”. The implication is, don’t be ashamed to tell someone about a rape. The good thing, all of those leaked BOE letters by ex-witnesses and opposer's, prove how consistent the Watchtower has been with many sensitive matters. However, it is a matter for a woman to decide how she is willing to deal with such a painful time, struggle or submit. Just keep in mind, men have gone through that to! Therefore, don’t be one sided about rape as “only” a sexual exploit. Of those who report their rapes, around 4–5% also describe experiencing orgasm. But the true numbers are likely much higher. In a 2004 review paper, a clinician reports, "I (have) met quite a lot of victims (males) who had the full sexual response during sexual abuse…I (have) met several female victims of incest and rape who had lubrication and orgasm."
      Hello guest!
    If you want to get into the psychology aspect of it. I suggest 8 years of higher education followed by 12 years of regular practice in order to understand what the Watchtower already knew about the sciences. You have been hanging around ?Winsider to long!
  15. This is an honest assessment. However, keep in mind that everything on the internet is cross linked. It doesn't matter if people use these services. They are linked to other services like Do-daddy, Amazon etc. It would be simple to say, this website uses the same web host that every other apostate web services use from Arizona, and some moderators come from Washington State. Whose who from Florida, and Virginia. Everything is connected to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The point being, who is giving a personal, opinion and who is instigating others to cause harm. Those agitators are the target. I believe society has enough proof to understand the difference.
  16. It’s sad to say. But people like @James Thomas Rook Jr., @Anna and @JW Insider make a mockery of baptism. To them, the word “loyal” has no weight behind it. There are no better than those fallen angles taking up Satan’s ideology. Baptism is not just an acknowledgment but an oath you, personal give to God, himself. That’s part of the personal relationship we have with God. This is why it’s a personal responsibility to keep that oath, and why God holds each one of us personally responsible for that baptism. People like @Anna want to justify a personal action by playing confused. However, God sees right through that dense façade. Even more so from a life given, that condemns themselves for what, putting more trust in @JW Insider a man rather than God? That’s so hilarious. Good enough to say, STAY confused, it suits you. 😉
  17. @James Thomas Rook Jr., @Anna and @JW Insider That’s the irony Srecko. There are children that can teach an adult a thing or two about maturity. What does that say about those adults that have to consider, out of the mouth of children? The fact you have very spiritually immature people like @James Thomas Rook Jr., @Anna and @JW Insider kind of makes you wonder what their true agenda, is? Is it about spiritual enlightenment? Their behavior and comments contradict that scenario. Then what are they teaching children themselves. To be fake members? To oppose God? To criticize everything that pops into their head? That kind of action is far more reaching since it’s simpler to do the wrong thing rather than do right. Kids pick up on all of that. Then, where is the moral compass? Flushed down the toilet!
  18. This is agreeable with one simple point. Everyone has an agenda, how far from this world are you willing to be with “rush to judgement” is taking place. The good thing Twitter is finally taking action on religious hate speech. Soon, google will follow. When that happens, websites that allow such hate speech will be blocked from further internet business. This is great news. In the USA, the first amendment is being taken too far. It is one thing to express your thoughts, but it's extremely different when those thoughts incite, instigate and become as agitators, an uncontrollable mob, by legal definitions. I almost forgot. I'm glad I had a very tiny part on Twitter's decision by the comments and threats of JOHN and many others here.
  19. This is one dimensional dense ideology. There are kids more spiritually mature than you James! There are more spiritually mature kids than Anna, and "Winsider that have to find every little thing wrong with the Watchtower like little school girls that have nothing better to do than complain without looking in the mirror each day. Now it's music.That, kind of ignorance has NO place in God's world of chosen people. Not everything needs to be spelled out in scripture to your satisfaction before you agree to apply it. There a far denser people that think, they need to see a specific word before they worship the true God by faith. Trinity, Born again Christians have yet to answer me, if Jesus is God, Then how can he be worshiping two Gods, Himself, and the father above. That would mean the father above is false, and he should have mentioned it when he was being killed by an evil generation of Jews. What does that "generation" be compared to modern day "that generation". Jesus, forgive them for they know not what they do, when scripture specifically warns against worshiping false God's, which the father above would have been. That ignorance is their Achilles heel.
  20. All This is perceived with one thing in mind, everyone needs and want an escape goat. Blame it on the other guy. The watchtower has taught the dangers by generation, and to a critic, it hasn’t done enough. Of course, this is the mental state of people believing in perfection. I have no idea why they would think that way since all they have to do is wake up and see the reflection on the mirror. Wisdom seems to be lacking with such cases. Especially when governments or other institutions cannot control the free mind. However, with Epstein, its obvious money talked louder. If Trump got away with how he sexually assaulted women and still became President, it's all about the boys club. The "rich" boys club that is! Anyone else would be strapped to a chair waiting for a lethal injection. Much how some want pedophiles dealt with. Like in some countries, burn them alive! I want to see that person burn, burn, burn! Without thinking, they have turned into agitators instead of justice seekers! Then that blood guilt is with any agitator. 😏 Religious or not!
  21. Of course, they can. It’s the inability of an adult's mental state to think they can’t. In today’s world of sex everywhere, there is no limit what society is teaching children. If it happened back in the 80s as experiments, it done as a challenge in today’s world.
      Hello guest!
      Hello guest!
    This world is once again reverting, back to its carnal stages of old, when there was no such thing as consequences or morality. It started with angels seeking mortal women. Ironically, the more adults talk about sex, rape, child abuse, the less they understand child physiology, child prostitution, and child slavery (Trafficking). Missing and exploited children.
  22. LOL! If that is the case, you are up to your old tricks of trying to come out being honest with your dishonesty. Double play for the otherwise insane. Just as you mention, THE LAODICEAN MESSENGER a memoir to Russell’s works, is an excellent passage on how people felt about Barbour NOT being that servant, rather how THEY believed Pastor Russell filled that position. Page 119 It was the humble actions of a brilliant business man that could have been a better financier than J.P Morgan but left all of that behind to serve God the best way he could. Therefore, I for one am proud to understand such a man, and I am honored God saw the good intentions to reignite a failed Christian system. Bow down to our God you wretched cur, and repent. Since you want to twist and turn words to benefit you, why doesn't your ignorance answer why Russell didn't want to be since as that servant, and the impact it had for 1919. You've wasted enough space, and my time with your foolishness. Especially when you have proven me correct time and time again. 😏
  23. This is why you just wasted space for not knowing Russell's actual point of view. It shouldn't take a so-called expert to really understand the language and intent of that era. Something you will never be qualified for. 😏 I have read an open letter to Pastor Russell by Horace A. Randle, in which he makes several charges. I wish to make the following reply.: The letter is written in an apparently Christian Spirit. But herein lies its Evil Subtility, for we remember the Betrayal kiss by Judas which had the outward appearance of an act of Love, but proved to be the farthest thing from Love. Randle claims that Pastor Russell and the Bible Students’ movement has changed in recent years; to this I quote the following Scripture: "The path of the Just is as a shining light that shineth more and more, unto the perfect day." (Proverbs 4:18.) "Walk as children of the light." (Ephesians 5:8.) "If we walk (not ‘sit’) in the light." (1 John 1:7.) Some claim that the one whom the Lord would use as "That Servant," at His second advent (Matthew 24:46; Luke 12:42) would need be infallible, perfect, and make no mistakes. But there have been only two perfect men on earth, Adam and Jesus. I have heard people say that both of them made mistakes: That Adam made a mistake in thinking that it would be better to transgress and die with Eve than to live alone after her death. And that Jesus made a mistake in going to a certain fig tree for figs and found nothing but leaves. Whether this be so or not, I can’t see why anyone should blame Pastor Russell for making and correcting a few little errors during the long period of the last forty years. Rather we should say, He has done well. Do you see the similarities you impose for today's Watchtower, even a blind man can smell what you are shoveling.

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