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  1. I think you are missing the point here. These are disgusting things men to each other in the name of God and Patronage, that I for one do not accept. If you're trying to justify your personal conduct and threats as though it can be seen the same way, You're funnier than I thought. But as I said, don't worry if an "inspector" knocks on your door. Don't worry about someone else's door. Don't worry about men at war. No one knocks on their door. It's all justified under the rules of war. If you see the news, Trump Pardoned a couple of war criminals. Where's your human justice system. However, you should also have read, when I stated, EX_RELATIVE
  2. You lost me here. Are you saying, the first part of the passage means "nothing" even though Jesus is being quoted? If Jesus words are true, why do you think, the first sentence means nothing? I can understand, it would mean nothing to those that "don't" understand the first passage of the Fig Tree. But to understand it outright as nothing is confusing. Please explain?
  3. No, but you are before God, which is above all. That just means, with your clumsy justification, what is favoritism. Therefore, continue to apologize to opposers for your actions, while rebuking real Soldiers of Christ. I find it extremely hilarious.
  4. It's all in the wording. There are times when the heart runs a standard of truth that appears in writing. You can change the narrative once it has been exposed, but it still remains the same. The fact the "librarian" deleted the comment should be the proof. I would have gone further as the librarian has done in the past to "delete" a person but when it comes to opposers, they get better treatment and sympathy in order for Tom to get feedback. Once again, it depends on which alter-ego you are dealing with. Have a good day John. Don't threat if a Bobby knocks on your door. I'm sure, JWinsider and the Librarian have already instructed you on how to defend your accusation, contempt, hate, and wholehearted threats on the Watchtower GB.
  5. Since no one has gotten this passage. What do you think heaven and earth will pass to mean. Example, polluting the air (i.e. climate change) and the way man is handling and depleting all natural resources to sustain life? (i.e. Over Population) What is your thought?
  6. That just depends which alter-ego is married to her. The one that has the ability to delete, or the one that has the ability to call her that. Maybe both! As for booing and hissing, Well that depends if someone doesn't understand the word "rebuke" and being booed off the stage. However, there should be an emoji to show disgust.
  7. That would depend if it has been done in the past, by an unscrupulous person. However, nowadays, if a comment is completely out of line, like the threat you made toward the GB, then it will be removed by TrueTom, or JWinsider, whichever one you choose to believe is the librarian. That depends on the alter-ego of all in the family. Aside from that, when a true Christians discredit everything apostates offer, THEY GET “DELETED” as in the case of AllenSmith. However, screenshots are for evidentiary proposes that the legal system needs to see how much, deprived indifference there is when such individuals attack the Watchtower for nothing more than HATE in their hearts. Especially, when apostates post something that makes them look dense to the understanding of scripture and the Watchtower. Something “witness” doesn’t want to admit or understand as a self-appointed royal priesthood. However, you should know by now, when you're being "let on" to get your response, for a later tell-all book. That's why Tom rebukes the good guys and supports the bad guys. How childish! 😂 Ahem!
  8. What does one have to do with the other? That seems to be the problem, when not separating, keep on the watch. Stay alert is also part of the parable. Yes, the day or the hour no one knows, not even Christ. But he gave indicators. Instead of a literal view of 33CE and 70AD, what does that generation mean in modern time. This has been the problem with signs.
  9. So what. A lot of them, I purchased too. All my weapons are proper and legal. Good your you if you bought them. I just happen to have something you don't have, family. Therefore, keep your idiocy to yourself.
  10. No! what James did was get upset because he called me out on the 2-3 actors. He got burned and decided he would CHANGE the subject to his advantage by saying, it was about guns. Deceptive tactics 101. Now Tom comes out with meaningless rhetoric on how he supports foolish talk, just not with me. You think there is strength in numbers, Then look at the strength of God that supports me. I have no need for man's approval. I was going to share, but, now forget it. Get Tom and James to help you out, peace!
  11. I have no problem. I have taken on 3-4 at a time here. However, you don't see, it doesn't matter if they provoke me, but how I seem to provoke them. Therefore, it doesn't matter, they are going to act the way they act. And if you can't see that, then you're turning a blind eye. To that, keep you "rebukes" in check. 😉
  12. That's where we differ James. I'm not out here to be credible to none scriptural things. Toys for boys. I don't ask you where you got your guns, right! then why, have an irrational thought about me having to tell you anything. I leave your private life alone, therefore, I expect it in return. So, if you want to look at the action with disapproval, that's on you. There are many reasons why certain information can't be disclosed. As you say, this isn't a KH, but it is an open forum. I'd think that should give you pause to ask certain questions. Yeah, I'm the foolish one, Tom!
  13. Well only because I'm not going to waste my time, James. So, if I choked I choked, that's the foolish side of me.
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      Hello guest!
      Hello guest!
    Yeah, I'm the foolish one, Tom.
  14. Come on James, I'm the foolish one in this forum. I can't give you something you should already know. Start with JWinsiders last, post. I believe a talking point has always been, "overlapping generation". Now, it's time for you all to understand why. What proof is out there that supports Bible Chronology. I'll leave that up to you guys. If I have the answer as a foolish person, according to Tom, then James, JWinsider, Tom, are far more intelligent to figure it out. Maybe that will be Tom's theme for his next book. Lock your heads together boys, it's a good run.
  15. Is it, I find that certain parameters would need to be met before someone could conclude your understanding. Do you think, doctors, Nurses, administrative support groups, Corps of Engineer, etc. would have the same recognition than regular soldiers? However, wouldn’t such people be invited to a historical event? It makes me think how people operate their minds to distort the possibilities? How good were records kept back then, not to have someone slip through the cracks, and acknowledged later? American Civil War Main article: List of American Civil War Medal of Honor recipients The American Civil War (1861–1865) was a war between the United States (the Union) and the Southern states of the newly formed Confederate States of America under Jefferson Davis. The Medal of Honor was established during this conflict; 1523 were awarded (33 posthumously) for acts of bravery and gallantry in combat.[9] Most awards were granted after the end of the Civil War with two late awards to Andrew Jackson Smith and Alonzo Cushing in 2001 and 2014. 1. Andrew Jackson Smith received his medal of honor 136 years later. I wonder if that was a clerical error. 2. Alonzo Cushing received his medal of honor 149 years later. I wonder if that was a clerical error or was it, this person was not fully recognized until 2014. I guess, according to JWinsider, the military is a perfect and well-oiled fighting machine that accounts for every soldier. Dead or alive, even though last year North Korea gave up the bones of 55 “possible” soldiers to the US, that forensics will have to identify. So far, only 3 have been identified. Switching the content. Has that generation passed? Who is still around up to 1933? Therefore, which citation are you relying on that you think we have moved away from that ideology of "this generation will not pass". It has not been a good talking point to mistaken ideology. To figure, which generation was not included, before 1914, and which one is still active. I can think of 2-3 movies stars that are still around from 1914-1918. 😉
  16. My father was in the army reserve before he became a witness. I don’t see his name on any list. Therefore, what you are implying is: 1. This person was an army reservist not to be counted with the regulars? 2. This person was in some kind of National Guard that wouldn’t be counted with the regulars? 3. This person made the whole thing up, and his daughter went along with it? 4. This person wasn’t in any war? 5. This person was from WW1 and thought the civil war had a better appeal for storytelling. One question? Where did the official invitation come from? You do understand whatever government seal was available back then was embroidered. No different from the Official document I saw for the daughter of Texas. Whatever, you decide to satisfy your skepticism, I don’t need to read it.
  17. I just revised my comment which speaks to that end. However, NOT all veterans are counted. The fact there is a tombstone for the UNKOWN soldier should give you an indication, why your skepticism is unfounded. However, I won't start to argue on an assumption I described earlier, you just not worth that kind of attention. Therefore, when an administrative mistake is found, they usually rectify it by acknowledging that Veteran. Sometimes, even the President is asked to give out war metals of high honor to those Vets that we neglected due to a mistake. I've been around far too many Veterans not to know. Enjoy your day JWinsider!
  18. Oh! I get it now. You probably googled that last known Union veteran died in 1956. This soldier was a confederate that probably didn't want to get counted. If at 116, he still held animosity toward the Union? then he probably didn't think the US government was legitimate. He might have preferred to see the Confederate White House in Richmond Virginia glorified. However, I have no idea if 1965 nine years later from the known civil war veteran was also that guy, last year. As I said, I never went back. However, I'm sure that Union soldier would have gotten an invitation for the parade to since he passed away in 1956. I would have loved to speak to him. I don't pass up good wars stories.
  19. Some clarification in case I was misunderstood. I am referring to the above example of the Last known Veteran from WW1. The ones that continue their birthdays are veterans from WW2, Korea, Vietnam, etc. But if you see the list, many WW1 Vets were born in the late 1800s
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  20. You have never heard about old veterans? My friend's father is still alive at 95. He would tell me and my friend war stories that would make you sick. If an ancestor could give me an account of the battle of the Alamo, it isn't farfetched the age of a veteran. If you google, you see plenty that is still alive from WW1. Therefore, I don't understand your skepticism. This guy died, what 7 years ago, while others celebrate their birthday. I didn't want to change the subject. That's why I recommended going back to John's hatred of the GB.
  21. I didn't want to change the subject. That's why I recommended going back to John's hatred of the GB. Final words on weapons. Sniper rifle. I could have gotten ahold of a Tommy gun but decided against it just like the SKS. That kind of firepower is NOT needed for either hunting or target practice. I guess JWinsider’s friend couldn’t afford clay pigeons for skeet shooting. The only time I saw, rapid fire was, when I and my friends went out Rabbit hunting. Instead, I walked into some rattlesnakes and was just about to step on one, when all my friends opened fire on them. One guy yanked me out the rest unloaded. I did try a 20mm once, the recoil was unbelievable. Even the cost per bullet was unbelievable. $10.00 dollars a bullet. My sister’s husband was going to pass on to me his M1 rifle, and a Japanese sword he got off from a Japanese Officer. But my sister didn’t let him.
  22. Is this from the Watchtower GB or scripture? I think we know who the funny one is. 😂
  23. Thank You, John, for giving me another piece of evidence. I wonder if Tom doesn't understand your mind that he is trying desperately to excuse your conduct. He is trying very hard to give you justification, but you are making it more difficult for him. Just think about how you can apply those words. Excuse, Justification. He doesn't understand when people make threats over the internet, just like James stipulated, there's a nutcase to take the challenge out there. What would be the purpose of staying silent with such cases. I think everyone here needs a refresher course. Christian Ethics 101
  24. By how's standards. God's or yours? Those who wish to serve the Lord, come to me? Where is your unChristian ethics, then? if you follow in the same footsteps of opposers. 😏
  25. As I stated before, My friend's dad was his friend. Too much of an assumption to think my Friends father was not in the military. He was. A Navy man in World War 2. My friends Dad is 95 years old now. He entered the war in 1943. He brought home the biggest empty canon shells I had ever seen. I later found out, they were German 88's. However, my friend's father knew about the parade just in case you are trying to call me a liar in a subtle way. Something you usually do. This gentleman as I stated was 116 years old. He was, unfortunately, a Confederate soldier that saw the end of the civil war. His daughter that took care of him, showed us many historical items. However, she also knew about the last parade held by the Confederate and Union in New York seeing as he had gotten an invitation to attend, that he refused because he harbored resentment toward the Union. She showed me and my friend that invitation. Too bad, I had no camera to record that historical event for me. But just another visit to my friend. All my uncles joined the military, just in case you want to refute, the Korean War. They all survived. I also knew a descendant of the Lady of Liberty from Texas. Their ancestors fought in the battle of the Alamo. She personally knew ladybird. She showed me her declaration certificate the State of Texas issued her. It looked authentic to me. Back then, you needed a masterful eye and a printing press to forge that kind of documents.
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