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  1. Not only do they hide their own atrocities to humanity that includes rape of refugees, but it also happens at any level of government that helps the poor and refugees. A case that comes to mind was brought by this AllenSmith34. The Australian detention officers sexually abusing the detained, and the Prime Minister of Australia decided to silence the whistleblowers with prison if they went outside the government. It’s happening in the US. It happened in Canada, and the U.K. there is no magical solution. Governments can pass laws that will be broken by anyone willing to be a lawless person. You can't in prison over 8 billion people for the sake of public activism.
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  2. The Federal government is etched in the constitution. We the people. Who elects those in Washington? We the people. Who echoed that sentiment. Abraham Lincoln with the Gettysburg address. A government of the people by the people. Texas is a good example of wanting to keep the Federal government out of them doing the right thing for “We the people.” Texas has tested the limits as the first independent Republic to have acceded to the united states by vote as an independent nation. The push to remove the ACA is not a republican or democratic issue. It’s a social issue that needs consideration for the poor. So, it's not a separate issue. Rich people make it seem that way, and Trump politizes everything to keep the rich, richer. Trump objective was to be president to make money and seek revenge on all government agencies that he dealt with in the past. To him, it is as simple as payback time. Doesn't care about we the people. That Texas Federal Judge is a Trump supporter.
  3. What would be the other side of the argument for the poor? Let them die? Good conscience approach by a witness. I can remember a time under Republican control, in California a homeless person that couldn’t pay or a poor person that couldn’t pay would get kicked out of an ambulance.
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    Republican-controlled Texas has the same approach. Let the poor die. What is unconstitutional is the Texas government.
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    The monies generated by contribution for the poor versus what governmental scoundrels steal with unknowns to fill the pockets of the rich oil tycoons and the Bush family is what that judge needs to look into.
  4. Keep in mind the wording on the post as opposed to the video. Child abduction is high in Asia. The reasons why are debatable. Not all abductions are for the purpose of molestation. That’s just speculation on the posters mind.
  5. Once again, the mistake falls on you. I didn’t make an assumption that you had threatened anyone. In some cultures, aside from being seen as an empty threat, there are those that will take the challenge. There is also the sibling bond. When a boyfriend does something wrong to your sister, he suffers a fate worse than death. I don't need to. I have seen enough evil for 8 million witnesses combined in a short amount of time. I have stories that would make a man cry, and a woman puke. I never lived a sheltered life. With some witnesses, this became a problem when confronted with reality. it reminds me, Even a proud Brit will see that the UK has equal to more offense than any other democratic nation. So, I wouldn't be too proud to think the UK is a better place to live and raise children. That is why Piers Morgan was handed a reality check when he attempted to make his argument about gun violence in the US as opposed to the overall violence in the UK.
  6. This reminds me, the nature of human emotion. Isn’t perpetual thought an excellent emotion if managed properly. God gave us free will. Are we prepared to die for it is the general question the Bible makes light, of? From the O.T. to the N.T. it’s about choices. Proverbs 12:15, Philippians 4:8, James 1:2-3, Colossians 3:2 Asking a question if it is infidelity by using a doll doesn’t seem to have the same value as an image on paper, but is accountable by a real person shows how disconnected human emotion is. I believe J.P. Morgan once said” if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. For Christians, what does this really mean? Some have forgotten the extent in the definition of infidelity. One overlooked is informal fooling/playing around. What are the parameters of this phrase? Feeling sexual excitement or desire
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    It doesn’t need to be physical. It has to do with action and intent. A doll is that extension of an action taken.
  7. Yes, it’s not easy to maintain a good moral structure with an uncomfortable post. It reminds me of Mark 13:14-23. What society is becoming, and the interaction of Christians within, as though they have no choice but to accept having to be part of this world. It must have been an impossible task for Jesus to subject his followers to accomplish. Not being part of. The curious thing comes with activism. In one hand, it can have blind rage, hate, harsh, and belligerent and in the other hand, the same values change just because its built with plastic. I wonder if Mark cannot be applied. Mark 7:6. What makes sense is written in Galatians 6:3. Now I do find this humorous when interacting with confused souls. The effort, it must take and excuses to continue their untethered hatred while being supported by an unsavory character.
  8. This is indeed unfortunate. Sex doll shouldn’t be a solution to pedophilia. As stated by you, there are too many unknowns in a dark mind. A soulless mind. A mind with an endless void, with a thirst and hunger. James 1:14 This is the reason I believe Satan has awoken this innermost desire in some into action. To divide Christendom or prevent it from growing. The reality, activism plays little to no role in the decision with governments and is evident. We only have to see the results in a USA democratic institution that hired a possible rapist. An allegation that wasn’t investigated to its fullest degree. Overwritten by law makers just to sit this person in the highest Court. Morality no longer exists in the US when the majority and even evangelical support a 110-billion-dollar arm sale to Saudi Arabia. How money matters, just as in those 30-40-year-old child abuse cases. The only winners are the lawyers, not the victim. Galatians 6:5, 1 John 5:19, Romans 2:1 Influence like this is what emboldens Satan to continue in this path of destruction with him being the puppet master. A good reason to have this included in scripture. John 8:44
  9. Then activism cannot be taken up by those that scream child abuse, yet find it ok for a pedophile to have a child sex toy to indulge themselves in a deranged manner. This is undoubtedly not a red-line for such an activist. Once again, the seers of credibility loom high. Can such a toy curve the appetite of such a sick person? The industry believes it can. Can it prevent a person from considering, child sexual abuse, rape, incest, homosexuality? This is the forgotten questions, just as any other that can’t be justified by humor or humorous cartoons. Some might consider that behavior experimental. Will it prevent a person from being aroused? If a person is already mentally unbalanced, will this toy stop them from getting or having further ideas they will act upon? That remains to be seen by the professionals.
  10. Yes, it is sad, especially when there are no real studies. Society assumes much but resolves very little.
  11. Can it be the rebuke of a gentile to defend another gentile that protest too much under the same circumstance for children? A voice from a distance that portrays itself as a member with no reflection. Yet, the rebuke will only fall upon the Christian. Is it the Christian or the Gentile that can demonstrate? I can find at least one instance that Christendom in general might agree with me.
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  12. It seems what most are saying it’s okay to use a sex bot. Some claim if you have sex with yourself, there is no conflict. It can be seen as loving yourself. In some places, sex bots have received a right to exist. Would everyone be so quick to accept them if a bot is built in an image of a child? The arguments being offered shouldn’t prevent a manufacture from producing such an item. How would this argument be justified? It’s okay for adults to have their toys, explain without sounding conflicted. The industry justification would look something like this. “Entirely computer-generated child pornographic images were defined in the last section as computer-simulated depictions of children engaged in sexually explicit conduct. They are produced, distributed, and possessed so that pedophiles can watch them. As was stated before in the first section, child sex robots would provide an “artificial facsimile” of a real child.57 They would be produced, distributed, and possessed so that pedophiles could engage in sexually explicit conduct with them. Can this rationale be acceptable to someone that professes to be Christian? How about the use of a sex bot for homosexual tendencies? What about a bot molded in the image of an animal. There is an opinion that brings an audacious view with self-gratification. Would these factors be relevant since there only toys? How about a slave sex bot that can use a whip, then a child inadvertently walks into the room? What logic can an anti-watchtower activist bring to what the possibilities can be for the very things they have a strong voice for. A voice that is empty and a voice that believes this is the only voice that matters and can be heard. Galatians 6:3, James 1:22-23 Who is Samantha the sex robot? Samantha is only of the recent "hyper realistic" sex dolls to hit the hit headlines as advances in technology mean the sex toy market has upped its game. The doll is interactive, responding to voices as well as to touch. She comes complete with sensors in her face, hands, breasts and "the female genitals down below" and it is claimed she requires a more subtle approach when it comes to bedroom activities.
  13. To some. Self-gratification is not considered a sin. They will justify this with scripture. Desires of the heart can seem complex. Does scripture specifically mention masturbation? No, but the intent of sexual desire does. The word desire can be seen in a cocktail of the seven deadly sins. In scripture, just by desiring someone else’s wife is looked as committing adultery. What scripture can we make light off to confirm self-gratification is a desire and thus a sexbot would be part of. Galatians 5:16-26 In God’s eyes, you can have fun, but there will ultimately be at a price. Infidelity runs hand on hand with adultery. The commonality is desire. With or without a partner. A Christian is not being faithful to God’s word of sexual immorality.
  14. This is Christianity at its best. Evangelicals becoming stormtroopers. I guess not, they always been.
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    It makes me wonder if good old Pat has deals with the Saudis. The next crusaders.

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