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  1. Sir, in the personal interview with Dr. Gabriel "Gaby" Barkay, an Israeli archaeologist who discovered the two mini silver scrolls in the Ketef Hinnom Valley burial cave in 1979, the Paleo-Hebrew tetragrammaton etched in the scrolls that represent the four letter of the Sacred Name is or Yod He Vav He or YHVH, and not JHVH (JeHoVaH) or YHWH (YaHWeH). Please view the personal interview in the video blog entitled "An Interview with Dr. Gabriel Barkay (Short Version)" filmed by Lyana Rotstein and Zalman Spivack in Dr. Barkay's Jerusalem home last June 14, 2020. In that video you could clearly hear the tetragram Yod He Vav He [YHVH] was the name recognized by Dr. Barkay. Rotstein and Spivack were licensed Israeli Tour Guide and Jewish educator in Israel. Because of that valid attestation of Dr. Gabriel Barkay, JHVH and YHWH are therefore, erroneous transliterations of the Paleo-Hebrew tetragram. See also the written report entitled "Let's see where the Priestly Benedictions was found", a personal interview with Dr. Gabriel Barkay in his Jerusalem home by Gila Yudkin done sometime in 2005. In the direct account of Dr. Barkay, he honestly told Gila Yudkin that the tetragram is Yod He Vav He whose exact transliteration is YHVH, and nothing more. Yudkin was a licensed Tour Guide and educator in the land of Israel. If you would like for confirmation, here is her E-mail address: Gila@itsgila.com
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