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  1. Thank you so very much for your diligence and hard work to assist so many others.
  2. Twyla, Thank You very much for your effort. Years ago I did a similar service and had nearly 2OO friends, that used this. So I KNOW how much effort and love you put into this act of kindness. Not all have tablets, or are past the mental capacity to learn them. Some need the type Blown up to HUGE type fonts for their failing Eyes. So I feel there will always be a need for this back to basics approach. My wife is the recipient of your labor of love. Thank You again Here is a suggestion... If you Make the Congregation Bible study as starting a new page on the Mid week meeting document, then you probably would not have to make a separate document for just that. The friends could just print out the appropriate pages if desired. And it would cut down some of the effort you put into them. Just my 2 cents. Lee Ramey , Birmingham al
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