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  1. Do Jehovah's Witnesses Believe in the Rapture?

    no, but we do believe in ruptures. They're called hernias
  2. JW Sisters and Microphone Carrying At A Kingdom Hall

    only if all the qualified brothers have a broken leg
  3. If we discover Extraterrestrial sentient life, can they be baptized?

    no, because they had to dress modestly and all ET's that I have ever seen are buck-naked!
  4. Why don't Jehovah's Witnesses celebrate Easter?

    easter is a disgustingly pagan affair with those nauseating grainy sugar eggs that make you want to barf
  5. Has the MADNESS over Caleb and Sophia subsided?

    Well, are you still frothing at the mouth over it? If not, it is over!
  6. Matthew 28:19

  7. Which nations disappear in Armageddon?

    do you think we could have the Reader's Digest condensed version of this monstrosity?
  8. 607 B.C.E. - Is it Biblically Supported?

    blah blah blah! Look it up in our indexes.
  9. Got fired from the M&M factory

    what a waste!
  10. Babylon Will Rise Again

    Who knew this was in Zechariah. We studied that book back in early 1970's "Paradise Restored to Mankind By Theocracy" I think was the title. I was in jail at the time for draft dodging. I "gee'd" when I should have haw'd" I do not believe that a thief or a liar will make it into the new world. I mean someone who does not think these things are "that bad." We have done both of these things before we became Christians and maybe even afterwards because we have taken the bait that the Devil puts out there. "It's just a little thing. They will never miss it...etc." I do believe Jehovah is still trying to get us to change our thinking on these things because they are highly important to him. Time is running out. I have heard some long time witnesses say that they have read the Bible many times and do not remember such a scathing denunciation of lying and stealing as that described in Zechariah. It hit me right between the eyes!
  11. I’m looking for watchtowers pictures comments