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  1. tromboneck

    All in.

    I'm tellin'
  2. Proper? Sure. If she can do it while cooking, cleaning and pregnant and barefooted at the same time
  3. tromboneck

    The Office at The Inside Story

    big, fat, ugly americans. who cares what they think
  4. tromboneck

    Let us Appreciate Brother Lett

    No need JTR...I meant that in the nicest kind of way
  5. tromboneck


    I do believe that you have always been allowed by Jehovah God Himself to do exactly whatever the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks you have wanted to do.
  6. tromboneck

    Let us Appreciate Brother Lett

    From a scriptural and spiritual standpoint this statement makes no sense at all.
  7. tromboneck

    Is there life on Mars?

    No, but there are martians on earth
  8. tromboneck

    Have we actually had a DECREASE in Jehovah's Witnesses ?

    the old "hoof in mouth" disease
  9. tromboneck

    The Latest Work on the Divine Name

    I daresay, Gordon Lightfoot and Buffy St. Marie also had a lot to say about it in their famous treatise, "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald."
  10. tromboneck

    New Light: Fruitage Does Not Refer to Results

    Knock Knock Knock....Hello.....Anybody at home??????
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