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  1. My result: 33 a/7=20 => a= 140 (sum of the 7 numbers) b/13=40 => b=520 (sum of the 13 numbers) (a+b)/20 = c =660/20 =33 (the sum of the 20 numbers is 660, divided through 20 makes the mean of the 20 numbers)
  2. The current price is 1.7 times higher then the production cost instead of 2 times higher at normal prices.
  3. I agree with Queen Esther. :-) A challenge would have been if it hadn't been across the diameter. LOL
  4. I found only one solution: Paul is 18, Patricia is 20 and Daniel is 25 years old. My way of solution: a= Paul, b=Patricia, c=Daniel I: a+2=b II: 1.25*b=c III: c-10=1.5*(b-10) ------------------------------- II+III: 1.25b=1.5*b-(1.5*10)+10 => b=20 II': 1.25*20=c=25 I': a=b-2=20-2=18
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