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  1. Thanks for the answer. Some good points, but what you wrote is mostly confusing. According to what you wrote am I to conclude that the great tribulation is also symbolic? And that the holy ones won't be literally killed by the beast? I am not really convinced by your answer, even though you use many scriptures to support your opinion. You see, the MOL is described with the same adverb as Judas — the son of destruction, which means it's apostle-like figure which operates within the temple until it is revealed. It's a mystery which according to Paul was already operating in his time. As for the disgusting thing, that is a foreign entity that imposes blasphemy forcefully. The holy ones will be recognized by it because they won't bend their knee to it. And they will be conquered. MOL is revealed as operating in the temple, whereas disgusting thing is installed.
  2. @Colin Browne That is, after he subjugates the king of the south. The "pay attention to Daniel's prophecy" book completely misses the mark as to who the king of the north was in the past as well, using some obscure events to explain it. Why do you think that book is pulled out of circulation? Robert King, IMO, has done a way better job in explaining it in his book.
  3. @Witness I think you are confusing the MOL with the disgusting thing. How is it that the constant feature is removed by "royal priesthood"? Disgusting thing is supposed to forcefully take away the freedom and enforce the worship of itself instead. The false prophet that compels the nations to worship the beast. Kind of like what happened when Nebuchadnezzar compelled people to worship his image.
  4. UN at present has no significance. But it will emerge as a counterfeit kingdom only when kings of the earth give it their power to rule. Maybe it won't be called the UN, but present UN has a framework in place which will allow for it to take control of the world in the future. It is the fierce looking king from Daniel 8:23,24.
  5. The teaching didn't change, though. Although it is understood that we can't determine exact timing of tribulation, we can "learn from the fig tree" in order to understand where we are in the timeline. Yes, we are close. But that's just the beginning.
  6. The holy place was not only holy in the eyes of Jews. It was a place where Jehovah made his name to reside. It had a room called "The Most Holy" or "The Holy of Holies" in it. It was considered holy in the eyes of Jehovah himself, because he sanctified it. So it only makes sense that holy place today is something that is considered holy by Jehovah, which is certainly not the Christendom. And since we don't have the physical temple today, it is logical to conclude that the holy place is the spiritual temple.
  7. Hello, I think that scripture doesn't support the notion that Christendom is attacked in the beginning of tribulation. Please note that in Rev. 17:16 there is no timing given as to the beginning of the GT. If Christendom (aka Babylon the great) falls in the beginning of tribulation, how is it then that harlot sits on the back of the revived beast that comes out of the abyss? According to Revelation 17 the seven-headed beast goes off into destruction and then comes back out of the abyss as the 8th king which is when the harlot is depicted as riding the revived beast and immediately before God puts it into the mind of the beast to devour her. Revelation in the 11th, 13th and 17th chapters talk about a beast that goes into a deathlike state (aka receives a sword stroke) only to later be revived. Rather than the destruction of organized religion marking the commencement of the great tribulation, the tribulation apparently brings about the collapse of the present Anglo-American dominated democratic system. That is in keeping with Daniel’s prophecy, which foretells that a king of fierce countenance will bring mighty ones to ruin, as well as the sons of the kingdom. Afterwards, with the democratic nations brought low, the United Nations will be empowered to the extent of becoming a global empire (aka the 8th king).

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