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  1. Hi you analogy is explained very clearly, I experienced excommunication/disfellowship two of the members of judicial committee were also the witness of my statement or confession that I later withdrew. The withdrawal was rejected I was judged unrepentant and Disfellowshiped. I appealed that was rejected, there was also and appeal direct to branch office but I was not told about it. I felt this was an unjust process so I concluded the whole process is bad. 

    I do see your scriptural reasons and agree with your conclusions although due to my experience you can understand my reservations.

    Any comments,


  2. Hi all I am a regular publisher in uk. I pioneer some months I have a family 3 kids and was baptised in late 1970s. I experienced a divorce and was out of the truth for about 10 years. My son is an elder and I have served as an appointed man in the past. After my experience of being Disfellowshiped although many years ago there are reservations from the elders in the congregation. So for me the good old days were better. There have been some subtitle changes that I see as not an improvement. I plan to plod on till the end , regards brothers.

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