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  1. Hello Sis, 

    So nice to meet you.


  2. I was hoping you could help me , a few years ago we could get a download that we had to put into iSilo. I thing the Brothers last name was Wellman, just a guess. I had the download but they do expire and I have up graded my tablet and was not able to transfer it. Do you know this one?

    Thank you,.

    Janice Lalonde

  3. I was wondering if you could help me figure out how to get a notification from Twyla when the weekly study materials are ready. She did not know and said I should ask you. Also when I do find them I am not being allowed to open and print without trying for three days. Am I doing something wrong. Thank you very much. Jan

    1. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      You can go to @T.B. (Twyla) 's profile page and "Follow" her. Which we notify you via email when she posts something.

      See... easy as pie.

      Make sure you are logged in when you try to download things. Although glitches have been know to happen. 


  4. How do I manage to get notifications when you download weekly study material. Please, thank you.

    1. T.B. (Twyla)

      T.B. (Twyla)

      Janice, I'm not sure how to do that.  You  might ask the Librarian.  TB

    2. Janice Lalonde
  5. Thank you so very much, your hard work is appreciated.



    1. Toni


      Thank you so much for this delicious meal!!!




  6. Please help, where do we find TB's weekly study material. The previous web site is closed?

    1. The Librarian
    2. Janice Lalonde

      Janice Lalonde

      Thank you very much, there are quite a few people that are still trying to figure out what happened. I will be able to pass this on. Can we find it here weekly from now on? Agape  Janice

    3. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      It will be in this category: 


      You should however click on the person that posted it ...on her profile page:


      and "Follow" her to be notified when she posts something. ;-)


      p.s - Yes... we did go through quite a tough domain name change... 

  7. I am not sure if I can ask this here but I am trying to find JW Insider World News Forum, where I was able to get weekly study material. For some reason we can no longer get this site. does anyone know how I can contact the Librarian or TB to find out where we can go now? Unless someone here knows. Thank you very much.


    1. JW Insider

      JW Insider

      From what I can tell, the URL was changed a bit, but it looks like you have already located it:


    2. Janice Lalonde

      Janice Lalonde

      Thank you very much for your help. Just got home from our Christian Ministry meeting and as always having the Workbook helped me. Jehovah always helps us as does our fellow Brothers and Sisters. Warm Christian Love. Janice

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