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  1. At least 20 hurt as 94 vehicles pile up on North Carolina interstate https://t.co/FRn3qZA2Wf http://pic.twitter.com/4baRZCbs0s — NBC News (@NBCNews) March 14, 2016 via TheWorldNewsOrgvia journal.theworldnewsmedia.org
  2. China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) will be deployed in Pakistan to protect the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor that connects the Chinese-operated Gwadar Port in Balochistan, Pakistan to China's Xinjiang region. Neighboring India has voiced concern about the planned move. http://www.ndtv.com/india-news/chinese-troops-will-be-positioned-in-pakistan-security-agencies-to-government-1286550
  3. Malaysia bans the recruitment of foreign workers after protests over plans to recruit 1.5 million people from Bangladesh. but of course... there are exceptions for the rich: Meanwhile the US Administration is pushing for it's lawmakers to accept the TransPacific Partnership Agreement. Hmmm.... what could go wrong?
  4. Six people have been killed in Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma, with two Mississippi fisherman missing, in this week's flooding in the America's Deep South. More than 24 inches of rain has fallen in some of the hardest-hit areas with more rain today that is expected to lead to additional flooding later this week.
  5. The rotating ship is simply Hollywood's answer to "Why aren't the actors floating around if they they are in space?" There are several reasons why the ISS does not. First, if you have gravity in a space ship, you are going to need floors that can support the weight of the crew walking around. You would also need carts to push stuff around in. Not only that, but now you only have walls and a ceiling to put all the other equipment. Without gravity, you can attach anything to any surface. and nothing needs to support the weight. Second, centrifugal force is not gravity so there are totally different rules in a spinning ship. Anything that is spinning needs an axis. And the closer you are to the axis, the less "gravity" and more dizzy you will feel. Gravity has fields, centrifugal force does not. So anything not moving along with the rest of the ship will appear to be flying down the hallway. Anyone who has been on "The Gravitron" at the county fair when someone threw up knows what I'm talking about. Basically a spaceship would have to be a perfectly balanced doughnut with one hallway down the outermost point. It would have to be a doughnut because the space in the middle would be pretty useless anyway. It would have a lot of wasted space and extra weight. If everyone gathered together in one place, it would disrupt the balance and change the simulated "weight of different things in other areas of the ship unless it was so massive, that the ship itself made up of 95% of the total weight. It's a fun idea, but a spinning ship is just too dangerous and not practical. It would have to be more on the scale of a space city. Another fun thought that also helps demonstrate the basic science behind the concept.... If the doughnut ship was fairly "small" (I don't know the exact math to figure out the ideal size) and well balanced you would be able to run down the hall in the opposite direction the ship was spinning and then just "fly" the rest of the way to the mass hall. Because once you are running at the same surface speed as the rotation of the floor beneath you, then you are not really moving anymore, and the ship is just spinning around you. You can just hover there, and try to grab the right doorknob as it goes by. Phil McClellan, Life student https://www.quora.com/Why-dont-they-generate-artificial-gravity-in-ISS-by-rotating-the-ship-on-its-axis-to-generate-centrifugal-force-equivalent-to-gravity
  6. http://fortune.com/2016/03/13/cars-parked-95-percent-of-time/?xid=soc_socialflow_twitter_FORTUNE
  7. I had to learn a new term while reading this article. "Coinsurance". (Distinct from "Copayments") a couple quotes: ...... http://www.cnbc.com/2016/03/10/new-drug-cost-picture-for-seniors-in-medicare-part-d.html
  8. That is creepy. I posted the video of him from Spanish news here: They actually had him sitting at the table embalmed and playing a game of poker with the cadaver. Hard to believe that is even legal in the USA.
  9. Pasión por las cartas hasta después de muerto Un velatorio, en Barceloneta, municipio de la región norte de Puerto Rico se convirtió en la última partida de poker para Henry Rosario Martínez.Efrén Arroyo, de nuestra alianza informativa latinoamericana, llegó a la capilla de la funeraria eterna luz y encontró una mesa de juego.
  10. Of course the official reaction is: No surprise there. Welcome back USSR.
  11. Thank you. I just noticed mine was gone as well. I will have the admin submit a ticket to IT team about this.
  12. Anke A. had that same problem for a time. I'm not sure what fixed it. If you upload it below in a response I will try to upload it for you to see if that helps
  13. Heavy rain in Pakistan has led to fifteen deaths in two days including at least eight deaths in a coal mine collapse in the Orakzai Tribal Area. --------------------- Can someone find some relevant videos from youtube or Facebook
  14. Five people are dead after a building collapses in the Indian city of Meerut caused by heavy rain. ------------------------------------- Can someone look for any relevant youtube.com videos pertaining to this collapse?
  15. Turkey declares a curfew in the town of Yüksekova on the border with Iran as Turkish forces prepare an offensive against the PKK. An explosion occurs in central Ankara, Turkey, with at least 34 people killed and 125 wounded.
  16. Gunmen attack two hotels in the Ivory Coast town of Grand-Bassam. At least 11 people are reportedly killed. Witnesses claim the attackers shouted "Allahu Akbar" ("God is [the] greatest") during the gunfire. ---------------------------------------------------- Can someone find a video or better sources?
  17. A four-year-old Asian boy who mispronounced “cucumber” as “cooker bomb” was recommended for a de-radicalization program by staff at a UK nursery, the boy’s family has said.
  18. More than 3,000 farmers in Finland on Friday descended on Helsinki to protest against the government's agriculture and food policy. The farmers, along with 600 tractors, came from across the country and parked on Senate Square in the heart of the capital to call on the government to support the country's agricultural sector, which has been suffering as a result of falling food prices and European Union sanctions on Russia, a key export market for the sector.
  19. More than a hundred protesters have blocked several routes for migrants, preventing them from gaining access to Calais. The activists’ banners called to 'stop the invasion of Europe' and 'defend' their city.
  20. The United States and South Korea held a Combined Amphibious Exercise in Pohang on Saturday. Approximately 12,200 US military personnel and 4,500 South Koreans took part in the exercise, which formed part of annual joint military drills by Seoul and Washington.
  21. Israeli Airstrike Kills 10 Year Old In Gaza
  22. The migrant problem is a major issue in Germany which is preparing for key local elections, which will take place this Sunday. The regional elections involve three key German states and has already been dubbed 'Super Sunday'. The vote is also seen as a litmus test for Merkel and her refugee policies as it takes place amid growing anti-immigrant sentiment.
  23. Russian engineer Igor Sukhorukov showed off his unusual customized cross-country vehicle in Biysk in the Altai region on Saturday. The vehicle is raised far above the traffic by its imposing wheels, has aerodynamic body and a protective cage around the car’s body.

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