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  1. I've made a discovery of a very neat technology that I think will be a game changer. Download this EXTREMELY well made app and enjoy audio sharing as you've never experienced it before. Follow me on Anchor
  2. Light always travels at the speed of light. It never increases or decreases its speed. (Technically, this is only true when the light is in vacuum, but the air in a room where the light is turned on is sufficiently close to a vacuum.) You're thinking about light as a classical particle, which indeed has to start from rest if it wants to move. Instead, think of light as a vibration of the electromagnetic field. There is a simple analogy for this - without any quantum mechanics or relativity, just classical mechanics. Consider a string attached to a wall on one side and held by you on the other side. If you vibrate the string on your side, the vibration will propagate to the other side at a fixed speed that depends on the material from which the string is made and on the tension of the string. The propagation speed of the vibration of the string does not start from zero, nor does it increase or decrease at any time. It is always constant. Similarly, light is a "vibration" of the electromagnetic field. This vibration always propagates at a constant speed c. - Barak Shoshany, Graduate Student at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics Listen to my commentary on this
  3. This is a tough one to answer since in an earlier post we debunked the infinite mass old theory. Any ideas?
  4. A video published online by a Syrian rebel group shows what appears to be a direct hit by a US-made BGM-71 TOW on the turret of a Russia-supplied T-90 tank of the Syrian Army The video is one of a multitude of instances of the use of TOW missiles by rebels in Syria, but it may be the first time the anti-tank weapon was used against the advanced T-90 main battle tank. The results of the attack are significantly less spectacular than in many videos showing direct hits on older armor like the T-72 used by the Syrian Army. A TOW usually devastates its target after a direct hit, causing ammo to explode and killing the crew.
  5. I'm looking forward to some delicious Mexican food tonight. 

    1. Queen Esther

      Queen Esther

      ......hmmm  tasty !  Enjoy your meal  ;-)

  6. Passive Wi-Fi is a refinement of Wi-Fi technology that uses passive reflection to reduce energy consumption Wi-Fi use can account for up to 60 percent of a smartphone’s energy consumption. When not connected to a network, Wi-Fi consumes energy because the device constantly searches for a signal.[ The technique communicates via backscattering, reflecting incoming radio waves sent from a separate device. The technique is similar to contactless RFID chip cards.chip card although unlike such cards, the new technique does not require a special device to read the signal. The project effectively decoupled the analog and the digital radio signals. Power-intensive functions – like producing a signal at a specific frequency are assigned to a single device in the network that is plugged into the grid. Smartphones modify and reflect this signal to communicate to the router. Prototype passive devices transferred data as far as 100 feet through walls at 11 megabits per second. The system used 10s of microwatts of power, 10-4 less energy than conventional Wi-fi devices, and one thousandth the energy of Bluetooth LE and ZigBee communications standards.
  7. Elon Musk wants to do so. I'm wondering if we should or not?
  8. Your dream tech store has arrived: the Samsung 837. The new addition to the Samsung family includes everything from a VR tunnel to a selfie station. The store opens at 837 Washington Street in Manhattan's Meatpacking District on Feb. 22nd.

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