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    Anna got a reaction from Melinda Mills in Jehovah's Witnesses incapable of free, informed refusal of blood, former adherent says   
    I feel sorry for the father. As a mother I understand how distraught it must have been for him to see your child dying and believe that it could have be prevented.
    " Hughes's 16-year-old daughter Bethany was the focus of a high-profile court battle in 2002 in Calgary, Alta., over her refusal to accept blood transfusions after being diagnosed with leukemia.
    I don't have much knowledge about leukemia, but it seems like blood transfusions are no longer used to treat it. It seems that chemotherapy and stem cell transplants are the treatment preferences now, no doubt because they are more effective than blood transfusions.
    "A court eventually ordered that Bethany receive the transfusions, but she died from the aggressive form of leukemia a short time later".
    This indicates that the blood transfusion was the last resort and was no guarantee even if she would have received it earlier. Aggressive types of Leukemia are not treatable and there is a 50% mortality rate for teenagers, as the above article mentioned.
    The trouble with an article like this is that it's based on peoples opinions and assumptions and not on facts. For example this statement is ludicrous:
    "They say if you get a blood transfusion, you could get AIDS or the soul of the person who donated the blood. If that person was crazy, you'll go crazy. If that person was homosexual, you'll be a homosexual," he said.
    The only correct part is you could get AIDS.
    "Hughes also said he was made to sign a card declaring he would refuse blood transfusions in front of two church elders. "If you don't sign that card, you're in big trouble," he said.
    Outright lie - Nobody is made to sign anything. Having a "no blood" card is completely up to the person.
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