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  1. Space merchant, I will keep this response short because a long post is difficult for some to read. I only touched on the Hebrew word echad in my other post and how the basic meaning is “united” from the root “to unify”, which apparently is only “half correct”. Consider this, if the Bible writers, under inspiration of the Holy Spirit, wrote that God is multi-personal, as is claimed by most Bible believing Christians, then we would expect to find that these authors would write about God in such a way as to indicate this to their readers, right? T
  2. The apostle Paul confirms for us that the Holy Spirit is a real Person by declaring that the Holy Spirit possesses a mind (Romans 8:27). “But He that searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is...” The Greek word in this verse translated “mind” is φρονημα (phronéma). The word appears 4 times in the NT, and in these other 3 passages (all in Romans 8) the word is only applied to persons. Let’s take a look at what some dictionaries and Lexicons have to say about and how they define “phronéma”. Abbot-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the
  3. Space merchant, You post is very long I will try to keep my response shorter in comparison. Also I will not use the “quote window” as it is quite unmanageable when responding to such a long post, what you claims are above anyway. Now, why in Luke 24:52, when after Jesus had departed, the disciples we are told, worshipped Jesus, all you do is dismiss this by saying: “it doesn’t constitute to a religious act in terms of Jesus”. Of course it does for the simple fact that Jesus had separated from them! Why would they “merely bowed down i
  4. ......………….particularly when compared to no Scriptural backing. <><
  5. I’m afraid you have abandoned any sense of reason in an effort to cling to a false idea. How can you maintain the contradictive teaching of the Watchtower without any Scriptural support? You admit Scripture only but you don’t have Scriptural backing…why is that? Anyway stay tuned, I will continue providing Scriptural proof that the Holy Spirit is a real Person who has a will, emotions and intellect. <><
  6. This is a typical response from someone who follows the shifting teachings of a magazine. Scripture demonstrates the distinction and personality of the Holy Spirit from the Father in many places, Matthew 28:19 and 2 Cor. 13:14 are two such examples. <><
  7. The Holy Spirit has a will, and decides which gifts to give believers: “But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually just as He wills.” (1 Cor. 12:11) The Greek word βουλεται (translated “will”) is the present indicative of βούλομαι and grammatically is referring to the Holy Spirit. The present tense of the word in this verse “emphasizes the habitual or repeated action. He gives not according to the merit or wishes of men but according to his own will.” (Linguistic Key to the Greek New Testament p429) “The Present
  8. And I did apologies for doing so, but when a person is on a JW forum, and is agreeing with the other JWs on said forum then the chances can be very high that they are also JWs. No I haven’t, all I asked was for you to show me where in the writings of the early church is the Unitarian form of religion mentioned (more on this below). Your assertion about Christians with regard to the Shema is unfounded; what I’ve noticed is how Arian/Unitarians (sorry for grouping you thusly) have seized upon this verse as being supposedly fatal to our Christian doctrine of the
  9. Gone fishing, This is really very simple, my “opinion” as you say, is easily validated by the simple fact that you have no Scriptural backing for your position. Maybe for you, but certainty is via the Scriptures only, not from the pages of a bogus magazine which blinds the minds of its adherents. ¿ ~~><>
  10. Gone fishing, No, Scripture is core to my argument, my belief is the product of what the Scriptures teach and verify. Sadly, it appears that all you have for your belief is the ever shifting and inconsistent teaching of men who hide behind a magazine, with NO Scriptural backing. Can “force/ power” have feelings, a mind and intellect? These are traits of a real Person not a thing…<><
  11. Space merchant, What’s ironic is this JW you mention (now an ex-JW) did not even quote from the NWT, because in Hebrews 1:6 the JW version does not have the word “worship” but “obeisance”. Anyway, I’m sorry but time does not permit me to watch you tube videos as I have many other matters to attend to. However, I’m still interested in you showing me from the writings of the early church (pre fourth century) where the Unitarian form of religion is mentioned. We know that these writers wrote to combat all forms of heresies that the early church faced, so if
  12. The Watchtower generated idea that the Holy Spirit is some type of “force/power” is a false manmade teaching that has no biblical backing, but JWs accept this false teaching without any Biblical verification. On the other hand there is so much evidence in the Scriptures which show that the Holy Spirit is a Person. For example, numerous times in the Book of Acts the Holy Spirit is described in language which clearly indicate that The Holy Spirit is a person, who speaks (1:16; 8:29), forbids (1 6:6), thinks good (15:28), appoints (20:28), sends (1 3:4), bears witness (5:32), snatches
  13. Space merchant, I don’t think "the JW had the upper hand", because according to JWs in their many publications they claim that Jesus can’t be worshipped so he was answering contra to what JWs believe and teach, no wonder that person in the debate is no longer a JW! I don’t think it is my position to look up Unitarian history to try to verify your claim, you instead should be showing where the Unitarian form of religion is mentioned in the writings of the early church before the fourth century to back your claim. <><
  14. Ms DeeDee, I’m not disputing that people can have a relationship with God, I’m saying that they did long before the JW religion came onto the scene. <><
  15. Ms DeeDee, It is amusing how you guys only quote those passages that show Jesus is fully man and there stop, thinking you have proved He is not God. The Bible shows many times that Jesus is worshipped! JWs claim Jesus is Michael the archangel, now note please how Michael the archangel does not have the authority to rebuke Satan. We see in Jude 9 that Michael must bridle his tongue, so to speak, before the foe of man. We read, “But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not dare to bring a slanderous accusation agai
  16. Ms DeeDee, This is what the early church taught and believed, which is the same as Christians believe today, no 1900 years gap as your religion would have. <><
  17. Space merchant, Please show me from the writings of the early church (pre fourth century), which were penned to combat all the heresies that the early church faced, where is the Unitarian form of religion mentioned? <><
  18. Ms DeeDee, The ridicules part is 1900 years gap in-between when this supposedly happened! <><
  19. Ms DeeDee, Well you are no longer “a pagan” as you say so that oath is null and void. <><
  20. Ms DeeDee, I didn’t say it was from the Bible. I’m demonstrating how the first Christian up until now understand and believe the same. And please Jesus is speaking from the position of His humanity in John 14:28 as is quite clear. Jesus came as a man, fully man in every way, that’s why He could say, “for my Father is greater than I” (John 14:28), Jesus is here speaking from His position of manhood. Note carefully what Jesus specifically said, “The Father is greater than I,” not, “The Father is better than I.” The word “greater” is
  21. Ms DeeDee, Maybe you have been fed false information or you made this all up?
  22. Ms DeeDee, With a gap of some 1900 years in-between...come on that’s just plain ridiculous. <><
  23. You do share the same ideas or similar and that’s what I’m getting at Historically the idea that you both share regarding the person of Jesus originated in the fourth century not before. Arianism is a term to describe those who espouse this similar view, because as you have said, there are many such groups. I suggest you read the writings of Christians, who lived BEFORE the fourth century and see what they taught and believed about Jesus and the Holy Spirit, then you will see that what they taught and believed is the same as that is believed by Christians
  24. Ms DeeDee, Which “pagan gods and goddess” were these? <><
  25. Ms DeeDee, 2000 years ago Jesus said His church would NEVER cease to exist...so where has the JWs form of religion being for so long? <><
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