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  1. I just opened it in a different browser and it worked. Apparently it does not work with Google Chrome, but did open in Internet Explorer, just in case anyone else is having problems.
  2. I joined the Club but still cannot access the Weekly Study Materials. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  3. Thank you Twyla.  It is always such a blessing to receive this information.  I appreciate you.

    1. W.W.W.


      Thank you Twyla. 

      It is  a blessing to receive this information.👍

  4. I was able to get some of them then the error message came back. I got out and came back in and was able to get all of them downloaded. Just keep trying and eventually they should open. I also switched browsers from Chrome to Explorer, so maybe that made a difference.
  5. Apparently I should read before I ask a question, lol. It looks like several others are having this problem. Twyla, can you help please?
  6. Is anyone else having trouble downloading the Study Materials? When I click on any of the links I keep getting the following error message: Sorry, there is a problem This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location.
  7. Thank you for all your hard work Twyla. These materials are very much appreciated. I share them with my 76 and 90 year old parents and it is such a blessing for them. Have a great day!
  8. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother Twyla. I appreciate your hard work in putting these materials together, but please take the time to focus on you and your family's needs through this difficult time. Rely on the friends for support and remember Jehovah is always there for you. I will pray for all of you. With much love. Your Sister, Kim
  9. Thank you so much Twyla for all your hard work. Now that I can't get my new tablet to cooperate, this is more helpful than ever. Have a great day.
  10. Thank you Twyla. These materials are always so helpful and much appreciated. Do you happen to know how I can get the Sample Presentations for Oct, Nov, Dec? These are the ones that come 3 months on a single page. I can find all of them through September, but nothing for the last three months. Any help would be appreciated. Gratefully.......Kim
  11. Thank you Twyla. These materials are always such a blessing. Have a wonderful week.

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