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  1. Personal decision: love of neighbor (and self) moved me (86) to get the first shot of moderna on February 5 along with my husband (89) and the second shot on March 5. Spent one whole year watching the deaths climb to horrible levels. Researched the risks/benefits, pros/cons, and we decided we would rather be alive than dead. No adverse reactions beside itchy arm for my husband and sore arm for me which was relieved by warm compress. This was with the second shot. Looking forward to being able to conduct my studies on a person to person, eye to eye level whenever we are given the ok by the GB. Also want hugs from my brothers and sisters when we are able to return to the KH. 4Jah2me will not be getting a hug fro me nor be invited to my house (personal decision)
  2. David McClure was definitely an unique individual with a wonderful sense of humor. He never served our circuit; however, when Betty's health became an issue, they settled in Seattle. I attended their joint memorial a few years ago and it was very well attended with lots of stories to share I had the privilege of working with him one time while he was serving a nearby circuit, but living in the apartment in our KH. We were about the same age so had lots of stories to share about the flag salute issue and being kicked out of school.
  3. Another channel (KIRO 7) reported right after he left the hospital that Judah was looking forward to going door to door, “sharing his experience and his faith”. He had been up and walking Friday. Comments by the reporter said the doctors had to put the pieces back together ”like a jigsaw puzzle”
  4. On channel 7 this morning, he was again identified as one of JWs. His name is Judah, and is going home today.
  5. I am a woman and have been an active JW since 1942. I do not agree that “most JW women are lonely and suffering from massive depression”. You are entitled to your own opinion but you should keep it to yourself and not post on this site. Since you are not a woman, you are not in a position to make such a judgment. Henceforth when I see you have made a posting, I will immediately delete it.
  6. It’s common for individual and agencies owned by Witnesses to put together groups to cruise on various lines. I did several JW only groups when I was in the travel business. These groups are NOT sponsored nor in any way promoted by the WTB&T.
  7. Heard this story some years ago and shared with my CO when he came for a visit. We all had a good laugh.
  8. 1942 New World. However I wasn’t baptized at the convention. Was baptized in a cow trough on a sister’s farm. I did attend (and remember) the convention. The main talk was delivered by Br. Knorr via telephone tie-in in Seattle and created quite a stir.
  9. Jehovah’s witnesses in years past have written to Nazi Germany, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Malawi, Liberia, Haiti, Dominican Republic oppressive governments and dictators to name a few. I have personally participated in many such letter writing campaigns. Feel free to write letters of encouragement to those imprisoned in Eritrea. Their names and locations are available on JW.org
  10. Also there were 175,000 fellow worshippers threatened with imprisonment. In the past, fellow worshippers have written to despots and dictatorial governments in behalf of their brothers and sisters. Happy to do so.
  11. I met Br. Covington when he came out to Seattle in 1958 to argue a brother’s draft case before the federal court. My husband had been fighting his draft case since the early fifties, and he expected a trial soon. Since my husband and the brother being represented by Br Covington had the same local attorney, I was introduced to Br Covington. He was very kind and encouraging to me, and I will always remember that encounter. He later wrote my husband, giving him advice on how to proceed with his expected trial. As it turned out, the brother lost his case and was sentenced to McNeil penitentiary, while the Justice Department later decided they wouldn’t win my husband’s case. The local draft board didn’t give up, and he fought the draft until 1967 during the Vietnam war. I’ve often wondered how our younger brothers here would have handled the intense pressure by the authorities and incarceration if the draft had continued to this date.
  12. He, along with several other old timers, was on the Arosa Star in 1955, from Quebec City to England. He wasn’t married at the time but Edith was on board along with her sister. That trip across the Atlantic was a wonderful five day educational convention complete with talks, practical travel tips, and even music with dancing. It had a indelible impression on a 20 yr old wife and her 22 yr old husband.
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