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  1. An illustration was given by Jesus on what kind of standard should be taken by those that decide to take the lead. The GB doesn’t overreach on its authority. I recall when Brother Jackson commented on how they, including the Elders, should not be seen like the Gentiles of Jesus at the time. A better defense of contextual evidence than an irresponsible comment from outsiders about Luke. 1 Peter 5:3 Jesus himself stated, he was a servant and not to be served. Matthew 20:25-28 I have not found any evidence to suggest the GB has made it a practice to rule over others except by following Jehovah’s command. I don’t believe the GB has any illusions of being masters, especially task masters. Maybe some brothers have forgotten. The GB has a greater responsibility as faithful servants and will receive a worse judgment of Jehovah if they deviate from God’s message. In Brother Russell’s time, it was a given since each congregation was independent of each other. Perhaps the Bible Students felt the same way of understanding, Galatians 6:9.

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