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  1. This just proves what corporations will do if left unregulated....
  2. Thank you Ken! I enjoyed many hours with your toy. And I'm sure every dog since thanks you as well. I wonder if he is still alive?
  3. I think I saw one or two of these places that are still in business when I visited recently. I could be mistaken. Anyone live close that can compare?
  4. Why did these go away? I think i would love one of these....
  5. I wonder how many bodies with feet in concrete they found....?
  6. Hard to believe that was considered "portable" back then..... LOL
  7. How intriguing it is to not know the story or name... I wonder if anyone alive even knows.... The story will forever be lost.... except for the 1000 words of this picture. Please share to see if no one ever responds for sure.....
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