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  1. Much appreciation for such a beautiful notebook Brother Twyla for the "Exercise Patience" RC. Jehovah willing, I'll use mine during our series of the Regional Convention come September 2023. Thank you for the hard work and fine effort put. Agape Love❤️ Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
  2. Dear TWYLA, We were worried, this is unlike you. Heartfelt condolences for the demise of your Aunt - it is for a little while. May the resurrection hope be your anchor. We'll remember you in our prayers. Thank you for all you do and sincerely appreciate the effort. We send our warm Christian love and best regards, Trotsky
  3. Hello Houston!
    Pretty long time not heard from you. How are you doing? Your lovely family and our brothers?
    Please I am having difficulty downloading the subject materials for weeks February 18 and March 4 2019 respectively.
    Kindly send to me materials for the said weeks via this email address trotsky.uzuzu@naoc.agip.it as soon as possible.
    I will appreciate as always. Wish you Jah's abundant blessing for the contributions.
    Best regards,
    T. E
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