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  1. Dear Sister, when I m honest this Video is Not new!!! More then 1 yr. Old! Yes its somehow funny..but the american was not amused about it!! The Bethel beg all Brothers and Sisters mit to Share and spread Further around the Globe! This Video was also on YouTube and each Person could watch it! But the bethel says it distract from our real work ,namely spreading the good News! We are NOT campaign makers, we are Jehovas servants!!! So pls don t misunderstand me, i liked the Video ,too. But after the Statement from the american Bethel, i accepted it , because i want to follow the Instruction of our Organisation! Maybe you understand it, too!! Your Sister Daniela??
  2. I am very sad to read this! But everyone of us know ,we are really living in the last days ... 2.Tim. 3:1 Some yrs ago it happened also to our kingdom Hall and a behind Apartment!! We have a brand new kingdom Hall! And they hit the Window of the entrance door with a Big Stone ! Later they Set the new Appartement for circuit overseers on fire!! I have to Note hear, i m living in a Catholic Small Town!!! Finally the Police couldn t find anyone of the perpetrators!! Of course , each of us is very sad to hear such stories, but we don t want forget , that we should expect such happenings! Luke 21:12
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