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  1. Are you present there Queen Esther?
  2. I think I like Carbonara, cream soup, cereal and soy milk Queen Esther
  3. I can't think of anything that bothers our conscience not known to others I am sorry
  4. Which pill would you take ??

  5. Thats a sad thing suicide but she is an apostate from Bethel why would she do such a thing? Did she tried to see if theres a life after death?
  6. True Tom Kidnaps the Librarian!!!

    The librarian is a she? Isn't it a he? Brother tom
  7. Jehovah’s Glory Shines on His People ??

    We have specialmeeting like from the warm greetings we just receive in guam... It was about proverbs 23:23 when "buy" itmeans something is in sale, even if its free we should put forth effort in acquiring or buying it sis queen esther
  8. I cant open this site in opera browsers back then but it works now, admin
  9. Jehovah’s Glory Shines on His People ??

    Sorry sis, when is this? We will no longer helding in that place, which only done probably twice... I am very sorry I will post our meeting that will be held in our assembly hall, i dont know whose speaker... Ive watched dedication for Philippine Branch and done by brother Sanderson, very spiritual person, which made in our assembly hall this year
  10. Sing ? Sing ? Sing ?

    It mean they practiced well and the efforts they made are great praise to Jehovah sis Bible Speaks

    Jesus didnt have impressed it on his words, the anger - for his own desire, when he was preaching to everyone... He blazed with anger when he saw how early hypocrites make business in his Father's temple sis Bible Speaks