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  1. fighters against God Jehovah will not prevail They will be certain to fight against you, but they will not prevail against you.”—JEREMIAH 1:19
  2. Thank you for your love Bible Speaks and sharing this, time is running out The time for the devil is short, and we are indeed living in times of distress, we can now see the things unseen, keep encouraging us, once again thank you.
  3. I pray Jehovah Our God please help them for they are standing for the truth (John 17:17), for there is no truth in this world.
  4. Thanks my sister queen Esther , we are truly living deep into the time of the end, very soon Jehovah will open his hand and satisfy the desire of all mankind who were Faithfully and loyally supporting his Kingdom, more bad news to come for Satan's world, but lets look beyond , because things seen are temporary but things unseen are permanent.
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