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  1. Mark Watson

    2018 Letters to Bodies of Elders

    Hi It's Mark from the UK. When I try and access the above documents a message is displayed saying "oops cannot find file" Can you help please. Also will you be posting the outlines for regional convention and assemblies? They are so useful for holding my attention. Also any other outlines would be appreciated. However i thank you for all you provide Regards Mark
  2. Mark Watson

    Reference Book: "What To Say At School"

    Has anyone been able to obtain a copy via the originator as a PDF file please????
  3. Hi Jay

    Thanks for info about reg con talk outlines.

    We had our convention this past weekend at Leeds UK.

    I followed along and helped me to concentrate.

    If you obtain the outlines for the circuit assemblies I would appreciate it.

    Best wishes



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