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  1. I've noticed that for many (most?) general items, Google will return a bunch of options that will often include Amazon, but rarely as the first choice, and often with only a single example from Amazon while Walmart and other online sellers will each have multiple examples presented.
  2. This is already happening in Israel, so I've heard. They are already on round 4 or 5.
  3. Way back in school days we used to make up fake Greek & Latin names for things, just to kill time (i.e., chronocide): scrambled eggs = poultrus cluckus abortus Evidently, Monty Python had some fun with the same idea in "Life of Brian."
  4. Thanks for this. It's true that there are thousands upon thousands of these cases, and we can get "numbed" by hearing regular and repeated reports from Central America and Haiti and Nigeria, for example. But when details of any one of them is pointed out, we better understand the devastation to her and her loved ones.
  5. I'm sorry to hear about the awful pain and suffering. I didn't know, and I hope that doesn't mean I wasn't reading your posts carefully. I'm in my 60's too, and up until recently, if I was still up at 2am, I played a few quick games against opponents sometimes on Scrabble, but mostly on chess.com because chess always makes me tired enough to fall asleep soon after. This weekend, also at 2am, I enjoyed a lazy, virtual flight from London to Paris to Versailles to Le Havre to Copenhagen etc. (My bro-in-law, an actual pilot, is in Copenhagen.) I like the ground scenery at low altitudes, and it's fun to see if you can find places using only your compass and visual landmarks. It's relaxing but it doesn't put me to sleep. I just want to go on to the next place. Here attached below is just a very short (choppy) snippet from Monday night's flight from Ramapo, NY then over to the Hudson River and a quick peek at the north end of Central Park. I find the scenery relaxing, especially over the areas that are built up in 3D. centralpark.mp4
  6. True. Big companies are now competing with a lot of money to push VR again, where consumer interest usually fizzles out, except for a niche audience. Some of the new VR games are played outside in a large space like a tennis court so that you have more room to physically maneuver and not bump into an opponent so often. Most newer ones have some fail-safe mechanisms so that if you walk outside of a preset boundary, the view through the headset becomes transparent and you see the real world. I find that virtual piloting of an airplane can be a very relaxing experience and doesn't interfere with anything I'm listening to unless I want to try a difficult terrain. A couple of nights ago I kept trying unsuccessfully to take a prop airplane to the top of Mt Everest and had to switch to the F16. But the view was amazing. I also enjoy the Swiss Alps, Grand Canyon, even attempting to land on the winding Colorado River below. (Trivia question I was just reminded me of: Which has the higher altitude, Denver Colorado or the top of the Grand Canyon?)
  7. For anyone not aware of the context, check out this site owned by jw.org:
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    I don't actually know the latest. But I do know someone who knows a couple who just got sent home (unexpectedly) from their work assignment on the project. The surprise was based, I think, on delays. Covid-19 may have played a part in meetings with the town of Ramapo, or supply chains, or whatever. My son was interested in the solar and geo-thermal projects which were part of the plan (see the site above). He's already been involved in several solar projects, and one is paired with a geo-thermal project, also in upstate NY.
      Hello guest!
    If the site is up to date, then little has been documented about anything since May 2021. Maybe that's OK, but I hadn't heard any updates for a while, and was concerned about the delay I just heard about. 5/26/2021 Presentation to Town Board 5/25/2021 PROCEDURE FOR WATCHTOWER PUBLIC HEARINGS 5/10/2021 Public Hearing Notice for DEIS, Zoning, and Comprehensive Plan Update 4/28/2021 Draft Environmental Impact Statement Appendices 4/28/2021 Draft Environmental Impact Statement 4/28/2021 Notice of Complete Draft Environmental Impact Statement and SEQRA Hearing 12/9/2020 Final Scope for Watchtower DEIS issued by Lead Agency on 12/9/2020 10/16/2020 Comments on Draft Scoping Document 9/23/2020 Informational Meeting Presentation 9/10/2020 SEQRA Notice 2 Resolutions Adopting Positive Declaration and Extending Public Comment Period 8/12/2020 Positive Declaration 8/12/2020 FEAF Part 1 FEAF Part 2 8/12/2020 Zoning Petition Concept Site Plan Draft Scoping Outline 8/5/2020
  8. A few weeks ago, I mentioned to my wife and kids that I found a person on craigslist selling a $900 Celestron 6SE telescope for $400-something and I offered him $300 to see what he might say. He said he couldn't get the motorized finder and computerized mechanism to work, but that the lens/mirror/scope/accessories were in perfect shape and never really used. He sent pictures and agreed on $350. Then I was embarrassed, and actually not that happy that I had to drop the deal because my 3 kids all quickly pitched in and got me a new one from B&H Photo. Well, it got its space debut tonight since it's clear, not too cold, and all my kids and two grand-kids were over at the house. It was an easy setup, even though it's a lot heavier than anything we've had before. (What we had before was a`cheap model we got for the kids when they were actually kids. And that cheap one was like one I had when I was a kid 50-some years ago.) So this one was quite a different experience for me. If I had taken the time I could have aligned it with just 3 sky objects and I could then punch in names or coordinates of up to 40,000 stars and galaxies and it would automatically point me right to them and keep them tracked as the earth turns and they move across the sky. But the grand-kids couldn't stay up too late and I figured it would be quicker to just manually aim with the side-scope and go. Turns out that the thing is too big to move around manually at small sky objects when the tripod is on soft ground and grass. Long story short, I'm no longer angry that they spent extra to get a new, fully-working, automated telescope. Even though I didn't set up the automation yet, I was still able to use the remote for easy manual movement up, down, left, and right in small increments. This made it a breeze to point at something big like the moon and then use the remote to slowly scan the sky for new starts and planets. We started this at only 8:30pm when the sky was still bluish instead of black and we also have some street-lights that can make visibility in the telescope less than idea. But it was still picking up thousands of stars we couldn't see with our unaided eyes. The moon was bright and gorgeous, and I was happily satisfied that everyone got a chance to see the craters and hills so clearly. But then I maneuvered with the remote quite a distance to the right and Jupiter with 4 moons were as clear as day. Then about half that distance again to the right and down a bit we saw Saturn and you could distinguish the separation in the rings. Perfect stargazing night, and we didn't need to stay out past 9:30. Next time, I'll hook it up for some clusters, galaxies, nebulae, etc.
  9. A blogger here has a picture of Sister Claus where apparently her husband is obscured in the photo. (Not important to this topic, but I was baptized in Tulsa in 1967, and got bit by a dog while out in door-to-door service there. (Age 10.) Somehow, the police showed up almost instantly, and I remember my brother and I talking the police out of calling animal services to have the animal put down. The householder was crying because the police were insistent.)
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    The other pictures include an article from a Tulsa paper advertising Rutherford's speech which (as @Space Merchant already mentioned) had actually happened on Monday, just prior to the major part of the riot. Notice as an aside that Tulsa had a population of 70,000 and it was promised that "thousands" of persons from Tulsa, if they lived another 4 years, would never die. (Larger cities like Pittsburgh were given "tens of thousands" and even larger cities like NYC were given "hundreds of thousands.)
  10. As you may have already known @Space Merchant there is a bit more context here:
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    On Tuesday, May 31, 1921, what came to be called the Tulsa Race Massacre erupted in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A., after a black man was jailed and charged with assaulting a white woman. When a mob of more than 1,000 white men clashed with a smaller group of black men, the fighting spread quickly to the black neighborhood of Greenwood, where more than 1,400 homes and businesses were looted and burned. The official death toll was 36, but the actual number may have been in the hundreds. Brother Richard J. Hill, a black Bible Student and resident of Greenwood, related what happened: “On the night of the riot, we had our Bible study class as usual. After the class was over, we heard shooting downtown. We went to bed listening to it.” By Wednesday morning, June 1, the situation had worsened. “Some folks came and stated that if we wanted protection, we had better go to Convention Hall at once.” So Brother Hill along with his wife and five children fled to Tulsa’s Convention Hall. There, an estimated 3,000 black men and women were housed by the National Guard, who had been called in to restore order. About the same time, Brother Arthur Claus, who was white, made a courageous decision. “When I heard that rioting squads were running about throughout Greenwood, looting and setting fire to homes, I decided to check on my dear friend, Brother Hill.” Using The Harp of God, Arthur Claus taught a study class of 14 children Arriving at Brother Hill’s home, he encountered a white neighbor holding a rifle. The neighbor, also a friend of Brother Hill’s, assumed that Arthur was one of the rioters. “Why are you in this man’s yard?” he shouted. “Had I given him an unsatisfactory answer, he would have shot me,” Arthur recalled. “I assured him that I was Brother Hill’s friend and that I had been to his home many times.” Arthur and the neighbor successfully protected the property against the looters. Soon Arthur discovered that Brother Hill and his family were at Convention Hall. Arthur was told that black people could not leave there without an order signed by General Barrett, the officer in charge. Arthur related: “It was a real task to get to see the general. When I told him my plans, he asked: ‘Will you watch over this family and take care of their needs?’ Naturally, I heartily agreed.” With the order in hand, Arthur rushed to Convention Hall. He presented it to an officer who exclaimed: “Why, this is signed by the general himself! Do you know that you are the first person to take anyone from this place all day?” Brother Hill and his family were soon located. All of them crowded into Arthur’s car and headed home. “All of us stood equal among God’s dedicated people” Brother Claus made sure that Brother Hill and his family were safe. His example of fearless brotherhood had a good effect on others. Arthur related: “The neighbor who helped protect the Hill’s property drew closer to the truth. And a number of people got interested in the Kingdom because they saw that there were no racial barriers, that all of us stood equal among God’s dedicated people.”
  11. If that's true, then one generation heard Jesus in 33 CE and another generation saw the destruction 37 years later in 70 CE. So you are speaking of two generations in the space of 37 years. This could mean you are thinking of each average generation as short as 18.5 years each, but probably longer, I'm guessing. (18.5+18.5=37) You might have a point, since there is evidence for a Jewish practice near that time period that suggested 18 years of age for the husband and as young as 13 for the wife. Marriage took place at a young age for the ancient Jews. Most rabbis proposed 18 as the most appropriate age for men to be married, but it wasn’t uncommon for them to be younger, especially in times of peace. Young women were married almost as soon as they were physically ready, approximately age 13.
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    Without birth control, the first child would probably be born when the husband turned 19 and the wife turned 14, giving birth to the next generation. (Oh look, the birth of something around 19&14. That could be significant. Maybe they would have 6 o' 7 kids, too.) But if each generation could be under 20 years, this would mean there have now been, not TWO, but FIVE generations between 1914 and 2021. (107/20=5.35+) And counting from 1914 and adding Noah's 120 years would be SIX generations, at that rate. Exactly!! Excellent point!
  12. Exactly! I don't understand how we could be living together with people we aren't living together with. If we are dead, and they haven't even been born, how are we "living together?"
  13. Isn't that exactly the problem with the current explanation? We currently have overlapping generations living together, but are we therefore contemporaries with the (US) Civil War generation who finally all died out around 1960? (I was born in 1957 and actually met one of them while out in service in 1964.) Are we currently living together with the generation of new babies who will be born after we die? If I made a speech today in front of all the contemporary generations alive today, and I said that THIS generation is going to see people living on Mars, but it doesn't happen until 121 years from now . . . then could anyone read my speech in the year 2142 and claim that I was right? It's difficult to imagine that someone could have great-great-great-grandchildren in 2142 and that those children would be saying to one another that their own great-great-great-grandmother actually knew someone named JWI who correctly predicted that we, in this very generation in 2142, would see it come true. That JWI was brilliantly correct!
  14. *** ka chap. 11 pp. 209-210 par. 55 “Here Is the Bridegroom!” *** In the year 1943 the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society published the book “The Truth Shall Make You Free.” In its chapter 11, entitled “The Count of Time,” it did away with the insertion of 100 years into the period of the Judges and went according to the oldest and most authentic reading of Acts 13:20, and accepted the spelled-out numbers of the Hebrew Scriptures. This moved forward the end of six thousand years of man’s existence into the decade of the 1970’s. Naturally this did away with the year 1874 C.E. as the date of return of the Lord Jesus Christ and the beginning of his invisible presence or parousia.
  15. I wonder if they are going to get rid of the idea that the first group "readily discerned the sign of Christ's presence in 1914." I expect that the new phrasing will become simply "they were alive to see the sign of Christ's presence in 1914." *** w14 1/15 p. 31 pars. 15-16 “Let Your Kingdom Come”—But When? *** The first group was on hand in 1914, and they readily discerned the sign of Christ’s presence in that year. Those who made up this group were not merely alive in 1914, but they were spirit-anointed as sons of God in or before that year.—Rom. 8:14-17. 16 The second group included in “this generation” are anointed contemporaries of the first group. They were not simply alive during the lifetime of those in the first group, but they were anointed with holy spirit during the time that those of the first group were still on earth. It took until 1943 to get rid of the idea that Jesus' presence had started in 1874. So how could anyone in the first group readily "discern" the sign of Christ's presence in 1914? Of course, there really were contemporary (overlapping) generations in 1914, just as there were contemporary (overlapping) generations who were alive when Jesus spoke of "this generation" in 33 CE. In Jesus' day, they were the generation of grandparents, the generation of parents and the generation of children, all alive together in 33 CE. Therefore, if we're honest, then, it would have been the generation of grandparents, parents, and children alive in 1914 who made up those contemporary (overlapping) generations in 1914. That means that any anointed persons born after 33 CE were NOT, strictly speaking, contemporaries with those who heard Jesus talk about the generation. And anyone born in 1915 or later was NOT, strictly speaking, a contemporary of those anointed who were alive in 1914. I'm also wondering why they set up a rule restricting it to anointed only. Was it only anointed persons who heard about Jesus prophecy in 33 CE, and who survived until 70 CE to see that he was right? And, for an example, let's say that Jerusalem hadn't been burned by Rome until say around 150 CE, when all those actual contemporaries alive in 33 CE were long dead. Would we be defending Jesus' words with the idea that the apostle John must have grown old and died around the year 100 CE, but some babies who never met John were born just before he died, and those "babies" lived as contemporaries of John and were still alive in 150 CE? Maybe, we would. But I think it's more likely that someone would think about the 120 year "generation" of Noah's day, and would take note that 33 to 150 CE is just under 120 years. 😉
  16. Sure. The official standpoint is found on jw.org under these headings, below. No one repeats the idea of 99.9% anymore. There is no new number to replace it, except for several [welcome] admissions that we just don't know, and it's not up to us, since we are not the judge: Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Believe That They Have the One True Religion? Did Jesus say there are many roads leading to salvation? Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Feel That They Are the Only People Who Will Be Saved? The Bible explains who have the opportunity for salvation. Are Jehovah’s Witnesses Tolerant of Other Religions? Learn how tolerance identifies true Christians. Each of those short articles points to several longer articles that go into the topics a bit further.
  17. Patiently is confused about Rando (who is not NoisySrecko/BillyTheKid) . . . And BroRando is confused about Patiently who is not "Witness" or "Pearl."
  18. JFR was probably not even including those who were already Bible Students (proto-JWs) to be numbered in those millions. ALL of the Bible Students were included in the 144,000 going to heaven, but in those days the persons we now identify as "the great crowd of other sheep" were also anointed and going to heaven. In fact, all Christians were going to heaven according Bible Student teaching of that time. This meant all Christians who were not Bible Students were anointed and also going to heaven. But the scriptures taught that all who go to heaven must die first: (1 Corinthians 15:35-37) . . .Nevertheless, someone will say: “How are the dead to be raised up? Yes, with what sort of body are they coming?” 36 You unreasonable person! What you sow is not made alive unless first it dies. 37 And as for what you sow, you sow, not the body that will develop, but just a bare grain, whether of wheat or of some other kind of seed; That verse would have especially applied to the "seed," the 144,000, and to repeat, ALL of the (few thousand) Bible Students in 1920 were considered to be a part of that 144,000. And Jesus along with the rest of 144,000 were "The Christ." Jesus was the head of the Christ, and the 144,000 were also "The Christ" (the rest of Christ's body). The Christ consists of Jesus glorified, the head, and the members of his body, which constitutes the church. -- "Millions Now Living Will Never Die, p.76 Since the Bible Students were in the 144,000 and considered to be "The Christ," they were also part of the propitiatory sacrifice, and would have especially fulfilled the verse about how it is reserved for men to die once for all time. (Hebrews 9:26-28) . . .Otherwise, he would have to suffer often from the founding of the world. But now he has manifested himself once for all time at the conclusion of the systems of things to do away with sin through the sacrifice of himself. 27 And just as it is reserved for men to die once for all time, but after this to receive a judgment, 28 so also the Christ was offered once for all time to bear the sins of many; and the second time that he appears it will be apart from sin, and he will be seen by those earnestly looking for him for their salvation. But at that time it was believed that the great crowd would also die at Armageddon which can still be found on jw.org: *** w66 2/15 p. 118 par. 13 Identifying the Present-Day Beneficiaries *** In 1930, the book Light, in two volumes, gave a verse-for-verse commentary on the book of Revelation, but it still applied the “great multitude” of Revelation 7:9-17 (AV) to a spirit-begotten class of professed Christians who, after a martyr’s death at Armageddon, would each “get life as a spirit creature,” but secondary to the Bride of Christ. --
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    The issues that come into play are about how many non-Christians were expected to be saved through Armageddon. Russell had given his opinion that only a very few would be "slaughtered" and that the vast majority of mankind living would accept the government that came to the fore after Armageddon (and Rutherford had not yet adjusted this view). In fact, as late as 1928, Rutherford could claim that he had not changed "a jot or tittle" from Russell's "Studies in the Scriptures." But I think he was already hedging his bet on the number who would be saved through Armageddon. He said that "hundreds of thousands" of those alive in NYC in 1920 would never die. Look closely at the wording of the 1920 advertisement in the New York World newspaper below, and here on jw.org:
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    NYC had a population of 5.6 million at the time. But smaller cities, a tenth as large, like Pittsburgh (pop 588,000) could only be conclusively proven to see "tens of thousands" never die. Under Knorr/Franz, the expectation changed from what appears to be at least 5% to 10% surviving, down to about 0.1% surviving. (99.9% of the world population to be slaughtered, as FWF put it.) *** w55 11/1 p. 648 Using Wisely the Reduced Time Left *** or in trying to perpetuate this old system of things is wasted, and that is what more than 99.9 per cent of this earth’s population are doing. *** w58 10/15 pp. 614-615 What Will Armageddon Mean for You? *** THE ARMAGEDDON FORCES . . . On Satan’s side will be all the rest of mankind, more than 99.9 percent, even as we read: “The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” That includes all the governments of the world together with their supporters, the commercial, religious and social institutions. Even the professedly Christian organizations? Yes, because all such that are friends of the world are making themselves enemies of God.—1 John 5:19; Jas. 4:4. That number apparently came from the fact that the number of Witnesses compared to the rest of the population was also about 0.1% therefore 99.9% non-Witnesses. Today, if you include all Memorial attendees, the number begins to approach 0.3%. So maybe only 99.7%?
  19. I like this way of putting it. Of course, we know it's possible for us to stumble others, which is likened to causing spiritual death, but each one of us stands or falls on our own. In fact, it was in the context of doctrinal disagreements which could potentially result in stumbling others where Paul was still able to say: (Romans 14:4) . . .To his own master he stands or falls. Indeed, he will be made to stand, for Jehovah can make him stand. People can come into an association with our Christian brotherhood for all the wrong reasons, and never develop a true personal love for Jesus and Jehovah, but this doesn't mean that anyone should claim it was negative experiences in the organization that killed them spirituality. That would negate another of Paul's statements. (Romans 8:37-39) For I am convinced that neither death nor life nor angels nor governments nor things now here nor things to come nor powers 39 nor height nor depth nor any other creation will be able to separate us from God’s love that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
  20. As Arauna has said many times, you can't just easily answer a question about past beliefs without the context of the times. Most Witnesses, I think, tend to read a lot of our current beliefs into Rutherford's words. Even the idea that "vengeance would be brought upon the wicked" in 1925 seems to impose our current view of Armageddon onto the view held in the early 1920's. It's similar but with important differences. But you are right that he was predicting that millions of people in 1919, 1920, etc. would never die, but would continue to survive. The advertising campaign in newspapers was a bit funny, because it seemed to make use of a formula that was based on a certain percentage of the population of a city, and predict that thousands, or tens of thousands would never die in that particular city. The reference to the recent "100 Years Ago" article about the "Harp" book was just a point about how we keep referring back to the time period. Yes, there are a few hints in the images of the questions, but I was referring to the entire purpose of the book: to prepare people for the "miracle" of everlasting life that was already in effect for millions of persons. Those were persons NOT currently associated with the Bible Students, but who would cooperate with the new government, already legally established. My two copies, like many online images of the book, include the phrase about the "Millions" embossed onto the cover:
  21. I think that you are right, and that even and "Srecko" and "Patiently" already have a good idea, too. When I said that most of the brothers and sisters don't really know what JFR meant, I was referring to those don't have much interest and those who don't go to the trouble to look up things for themselves. I really didn't think this was anything you didn't know already. Besides, the question has already been discussed previously on the forum. I didn't mean to come across like I was "teasing" or "irritated" but you gave me the impression that you had some information that you already knew must have been true, but you wanted a Witness to admit to it, so that you could use it to somehow prove that JWs are false prophets, or at least blame the GB. You've done this many times already. It just seemed silly that you would go to a time 100 years ago to somehow prove what we are now. Also, I was truly interested in what other Witnesses thought, and I was glad that a few others weighed in. I didn't expect you to be so impatient, Patiently.
  22. There are at least 20 places I found online where you can get "The Harp" (1921) for free.
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    You can also get the booklet "Millions Now Living Will Never Die" (1920) for free here and a few other places.
  23. Doing a lot of things is no indication that I do them well. Nor do I do enough of the all the right things. In English there is a derogatory expression "Jack of all trades [and master of none]" from a Shakespeare line that was originally a compliment: “a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” I admit to having a sleeping problem. So I can answer at least that question you once asked about sleep and finally "put it to bed," as they say. I always have a slew of current projects on a list, and I spend about as much time making and remaking lists as actually accomplishing what's on them. I went for several years staying up until about 2 to 3 am, and then waking up as late as possible before rushing off to work. Now that I'm retired I try to get to bed earlier but if I wake up around 3, I'm anxious to start on things I wanted to read, to sketch, research, learn, etc. Last night I was asleep at midnight, but woke up at 3 and since I knew I wouldn't go back to sleep, I got up and had coffee and breakfast. My wife is always up by 5 so it's not so different than when I would have been woken up anyway. In fact, I've been up by 3:30 every day this week, and I haven't made up for it yet with any naps. My wife tells me that this is terrible for my health, and I know I should listen, but it's probably a kind of stress, or ADD, or ADHD or some other thing that ought to be diagnosed.
  24. Not only did that never happen, the clams of China's atrocities against Falun Gong members was irrefutably debunked. Although I believe what I just said, I just gave an example of the kind of thing that just wastes time in a discussion forum: I answered the same way that a lot of people would answer, but it can just go back and forth like this unless someone is willing to point to research and/or evidence, and not just unsubstantiated claims and opinions. It must have also been about 20 years ago when I saw the Falun Gong protests in the streets of NYC during the years I worked in Manhattan, and I was fooled for quite some time by their sincere-sounding cries, and all the posters with "photographic" evidence. It didn't take long to discover that the photographic evidence was just from actors "re-enacting" claims. But I'm made doubly suspicious by watching who helps them fund-raise over this issue, and the way they have been caught "red-handed" lying about and denying their direct association with various culture performances, newspapers, Cable TV stations, along with YouTube and Twitter and Facebook spokespersons. What I just did in that last paragraph is a bit better, but it is still just counter-claims (albeit, more specific) with no real evidence for my own view. At least someone who might be interested can now say, for example: "Hey wait a second, give me one of those examples of FG members lying about their association with FG."
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