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  1. Yeah I read the article. There are a lot of cultures that associate a beard with certain sects. None in the US that I'm aware of. As beards are pretty well customary nowadays. I'm hoping that in the near future there will be more clarification on the issue. A friend of mine in Texas is a MS and wears a beard and ive seen a few in Florida as well. I think it's just something that will slowly catch on. But there will still be some who aren't a fan of the idea. But only jehovah knows what will happen. I prefer a beard myself. I be never enjoyed shaving. I had a full beard at 13. And have a 5 of clock shadow at noon haha. But to keep from stumbling others I still am clean shaven for meetings and service.
  2. I don't think it's New Light necessarily but rather a change in thinking. In past most brothers were clean shaven. But after a lot of the international conventions recently where brothers from other areas had beards and a lot of one's in areas that didn't saw this the society did a little CLARIFYING of the topic on beards. Many still do not agree with it. But it is a personal decision each one has to make.
  3. I see exactly what you are saying Allensmith. But beards are ok. Brother Lett even mentioned that for a brother to wear a beard is a personal choice just as it is for a sister to wear makeup. This is newer information. And our sept 2016 watchtower addresses it as well. In the US it is custom for many to wear beards as is in most other countries and many brothers in the US have neatly trimmed beards it's a matter of time before a lot more also have them. It's a personal preference decision right now. And that's it.
  4. Anna that's awesome. The only problem is so many are not open to the idea so the first few of us that start to grow beards are looked at strangely. I don't wish to stumble any but at the same time not sure how a beard would cause that. Brother Lett in his morning worship talk even mentioned that growing a beard is our choice just like a sister wearing makeup. But if it will stumble others we should be careful to exercise that choice. I have a beard that is trimmed right now and oh boy not many like it. Lol
  5. I agree with all of your statements djsqueeze. I think that beards are like any other forms of fashion. Some brothers like a beard some don't. Just like some brothers don't wear pink shirts. Or some don't like bowties. Or certain people don't like certain haircuts. It's all opinion based. It's not necessarily something that is bringing reproach upon jehovahs name or detracting from our message. But so many are set in their ways about beards I think it'll be hard for them to accept it. I'm in Ohio and already 3 brothers here wear a beard but brothers do not like it. And won't let them do anything or give part on school. So I guess time will tell.
  6. I looked at the pic. He doesn't have a beard. Though I could see where it could appear that way. And I'll have to watch the broadcast. Haven't watched Oct yet. I'm a month behind
  7. That's great. I have a few friends that I made at an international convention from Germany. And Poland. Not sure of the exact area. Yes it varies from congregation to congregation. It's nice to meet you. Maybe I should move to Germany Haha. But not sure that my wife would leave her family. We go to the congregation she grew up in and it is all family here.
  8. @Queen Esther Where do u live. I'm in Ohio. In the United States. Only two brothers here have beards and it's been frowned upon. But I have friends in Germany. And Poland. And several have beards there and are serving in congregation. But here if you want to have any privileges you cannot have a bear.
  9. @babblings I do not disagree with you. I was raised a witness and have been baptized 13years now since I was 16. I'm still a youngster lol. And I am always learning. My wife doesn't like my beard so I usually shave it off before meetings. And I'll probably continue to do so for now. I don't want to be the cause for stumbling anyone. Maybe one day things will change until then I'll keep up the fine fight. Thanks everyone. Warm Christian love your brother Damien
  10. I agree it's not necessarily a Custom to have a beard. But in today's society a beard isn't frowned upon among men or something that sets them apart as rebellious or something else as was in the past. But if a brothers conscious allows him to wear a neatly groomed beard then I see no reason to fault him for it or hold it against him in thinking he is not trying to remain modest. I prefer a beard and look better with one. Shaving also causes me to break out and face to burn. So I prefer not to. But I don't want to stand out as someone rebelling against the congregation so I'm stuck in guess. Hopefully the brothers will be accepting of beards soon
  11. This article was so confusing to me. I'm in southern ohio. I hate shaving. I only do for meetings but since this article I now am letting my beard grow. While at the same time keeping it groomed. Anyone on here having issues in their congregation because of the beard issue. I don't see how it would detract at all from our message since it isn't something that makes you stand out from anyone as a rebel since beards are widely accepted now. Any opinions or help?

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