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  1. A day of drama on the Republican trail saw Donald Trump rushed off stage in Reno after threat was perceived in the crowd. The US presidentioal candidate returned to the Nevada rally, seemingly unruffled a short while later to finish his speech. he thanked the secret service and told the crowd: Nobody said it was going to be easy for us, but we will never be stopped, never ever be stopped.
  2. The Turkish president says: Westerm support of kurdish forces is abetting terrorism. Recap Tayyip Erdogan told a university audience in Istanbul he doesn't care if critics call him dictator. They "westerm critics " should not concern themselves with trifles. We know well who they are, we have studied their history closely. Erdogan told the audience. I got to know them very during 14 years old tenure as a prime minister and a president. I can now read them like a book. watch the video report presented by Euronews English
  3. The war in Syria continue to kill childrens, today in Damascuc six children killed and 26 wounded in the capital damascus. By Euronews you can watch the report here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jME0MfGHUyQ
  4. If you ask this question to find a job, i tell you: you should choose your favorite job, the job how you love it and after you can ask what is the top company in the category
  5. Donald Trump the Republican candidate to the Presidential Election creates an event today in Tampa, Florida with a cute baby. "Oh look, a future construction worker, a baby, so cute, give me that," Trump said, as he spotted a baby nearby. But behind the smiles and photo opportunities, Trump's path to election victory remains narrow - in spite of a close race in national polling.
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