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  1. @JW Insider you may be taking it too personal. The courts are telling you where the person is known to have been in the past. They do this with anyone. It just so happens they are warning that he may be around JW organization and children.
  2. I looks at the marshalls board and it seems they included he was a JW because he may be continueing to go to the Kingdom Halls and people may not know he has these problems.

    1. The Witness

      The Witness

      It’s not a knock on the witnesses, really a warning for all witnesses asking do you know this man.

    2. JW Insider

      JW Insider

      Yes. That is no doubt true. Another reason to let them say it in their own words. No reason that anyone should have tried to put words in their mouth.

    3. The Witness

      The Witness

      I looked at the new Marshall’s release and still saw this part:


      Authorities believe McLean gained access to many of his victims through his leadership position in his local congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses near San Diego.

      that is not a bash on all of us witnesses.  People of all religions do some pretty heinous things and it is stated In their profiles on 48 hours and dateline so they are telling you when where how and what of journalism.  Is that so bad.  Be mad at the criminal not the authorities.

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