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  1. I believe there is no reason for anyone to gossip in Jehovah’s organization, by either past or present members that still consider themselves active. There were many levels of what was going on with the Watchtower, that opposers, now take advantage of. However, any question relating to these matters can be answered, honestly by the Watchtower, directly, or by reviewing past publications that relate to the cleansing of Jehovah’s House. There is no need to get secondhand accounts on these matters. Contact the Watchtower, or research on your own, starting from 1966-1975, 1976-1980, 19
  2. Perhaps the owner of this site can add a WOW! emoji to the list on the scroll bar. For those that show zeal and passion with their convictions.
  3. I believe the error lies with you. Mr. Smith interpretation of your conclusion is correct. Why would you say otherwise, out of anger?
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