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  1. I agree, @Space Merchant Death is not our friend. I look forward to seeing many of those I have loved and hoping they will appreciate Jehovah.
  2. Here's one of the problems as I see it. There is such a wonderful hope for mankind. Even if we portray that hope, some complain that some "won't make it." Or worse. So the hope the Bible puts out for righteous minded people is just not enough for some, few who object really believe that anything will improve anyway, including the entire dissipation of the earth. Many of the leading scientists believe the earth is on a destructive final course. but the Bible gives us hope. I don't see death as anyone's friend. I also feel sorry for some who feel they must take their own lives because they just can't live with themselves. It's sad, and I know God will correct this, too.
  3. Thanks. Sometimes things are a bit complicated and so I ask questions. And sometimes there is too much information so I don't ask any questions. ?
  4. OK now, I'm new to this forum, so my question is: is yours above the first post in this thread? (That's #1 question for starters.)
  5. Whether you answer or not, I do have a few questions. Naturally it would be helpful if you would answer, but I'll ask them anyway. It is important to know which Bible translation you use and if you believe it is directly the word of God, as if the translation itself is dictated by God. Perhaps we can discuss that in another thread. Because God does not tell us that there are three entities each called God combining into one entity called God.
  6. I laugh pretty easily, but your response gave me a good laugh. Also, I must say that from reviewing a couple of your posts, you put in a lot of information and do you expect people to accept your information without question?
  7. That's why, when someone really examines the Trinity doctrine, a normal person will scratch his head and say, "What"? And because it's been claimed that the Trinity is incomprehensible (i.e. a mystery), that settles it. LOL! ?
  8. Now THAT is a good question to ask -- if Jesus is God, and the "firstborn of every creature," (and, I might add, if Jesus is God-in-the-flesh thus quite different from the other two persons of the Trinity) is it that God is firstborn? Because unless someone wants to come up with their own theology, it does not add up.
  9. Question for Jesus.defender: would you say Christ did not know the day or hour because he was God in a human body and therefore did not know as much as God not in a human body?
  10. As they say in my old neighborhood, "atsa ok..." ? Have a great day, Space Merchant.
  11. I haven't been here that long to determine Jesus.defender's pattern, but since he made the statement as such: that Jesus was not on the earth in bodily form before the New Testament was written, I just wanted to know if he thinks he was on earth in any form in Old Testament times. (Body or not, because there ARE supposed to be three of them, maybe not in form, shape or size, I still would like Jesus.defender to explain his statement, if he can.)
  12. Here is where I believe you said that in the Old Testament times, Jesus was not on the earth in bodily form. That was on July 1. If that was you, then I ask you if you think he was on earth in any form in Old Testament times.
  13. Sorry, it was an example of free thought without a concerted and educated effort for basis of a thought.
  14. @Jesus.defender,do you believe Jesus was on the earth prior to his appearance as a man? I think it's important to understand inasmuch as the Bible allows us to. You said, Jesus was not on the earth in BODILY form (prior to his human birth). Do you think he was ever on the earth before that in some shape?

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