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  1. (Ecclesiastes 7:12) "For wisdom is a protection just as money is a protection, but the advantage of knowledge is this: Wisdom preserves the life of its owner. . ."

    Since April 20, 2017, when the Russian Supreme Court effectively banned the worship of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the country, our brothers and sisters have faced relentless persecution and imprisonment. Authorities have also progressively seized 131 of the properties owned by Jehovah’s Witnesses, with an additional 60 properties subject to confiscation. The total value of the properties is estimated to be over $57 million.

    We pray that our brothers and sisters in Russia continue to be courageous as they refuse to let raids, arrests, or confiscation of meeting places stop them from worshipping Jehovah “with spirit and truth.”—John 4:23.

    For any who may be inclined to fault the "faithful and discreet slave" for the ownership of costly real estate holdings please remember the worldwide responsibility that they have; and their responsibility is to the advancement of true worship which will ultimately produce the new world of righteousness. Gone will be the ridiculers and the persecutors who attempt to stand in their way.

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