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  1. Hello! First I want to thank you for your efforts and hard work! It is extremely helpful and very encouraging! However, i

    cannot download any of the files!

    I have not gotten them in several weeks now! I did join a club which I enjoy, so I don’t understand!

     Thank you ,

    Linda Griffin





    1. Linda Griffin

      Linda Griffin


      just letting you know that I just checked the new attachments for next two weeks. I cannot download them!

      Usual quote- unavailable!

      Thank you, Linda Griffin




    2. T.B. (Twyla)

      T.B. (Twyla)

      Linda, send me your email and I will add you to my list. TB

    3. Stacy


      Hello!! :) 


      I am seeing the same unavailable message. Could you please add me to your list my sister? 



  2. my name is Linda Griffin. email: lgriin479@yahoo.com i have not been receiving my two (2) articles from you anymore. Are you not doing it anymore or am I excluded? I read both sets of articles and I find it all very useful, including the study material. Please respond and let me know! i miss it terribly! Linda Griffin
  3. You brighten my morning each day! When I think of how grumpy until I get coffee, which is so uncouth,  I look at you seeking Jehovah"s word and providing us with it daily. I have my book but it is so i nice to think of email I,used to, now I come to this sight just to read the text daily.



    1. Queen Esther

      Queen Esther

      Thank  you  very  much  Sister  Linda  ;o)   I  love  your  feedback,  thats  nice !  I  enjoy  it  too,  can  do  it  for  you  -

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