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  1. Wouldn't it be interesting to see how true Christians might end up distinguishing themselves by the extent to which we give actual food even to our enemies, motivated by our love for Jehovah and Jesus Christ, and our true admiration of a kingdom based on Biblical principles: (Matthew 14:14-16) . . .When he came ashore, he saw a large crowd, and he felt pity for them, and he cured their sick ones. 15 But when evening fell, his disciples came to him and said: “The place is isolated and the hour is already late; send the crowds away, so that they may go into the villages and buy themselves f
  2. Not the usual Hebrew word for "law" but a late word borrowed from Persian, which is why they say it only shows up in Daniel and Esther (meaning law or custom). It did not come to mean ceremony/ritual until even later. In MODERN Hebrew, not Biblical Hebrew, is it also used to describe someone who is religious. From what I can tell, this is not the same word "dat" which is related to data/datum. That word "dat" is from the word "give" implying "thing" as it to "give a thing" or "any given thing." So "dat" it's really closer to the word "that" when "that" refers to a "thing."
  3. A couple of other indications that they were not discerning a sign in 1914, is that Rutherford took the 40-year harvest from 1874-1914, and shifted it to 1878-1918, bypassing the significance of 1914. 1914 hadn't even shown anything significant yet with respect to the Gentile Times, either, which is why by January 1, 1916, the Watchtower had shifted the End of the Gentile Times to 1915: Also, it wasn't until May 1922, that the Watchtower first reported on the idea that Russell had announced on October 1, 1914 that "The Gentile Times have ended!" It took nearly 8 years before any
  4. *** Watchtower, October 1, 1930, p.291 *** Understanding that the ''day of Christ'' began when Jesus came to the temple of God, in 1918, it appears that the rebellion must precede that day. The beginning of the falling away or rebellion against God's organization would also mark the beginning of the disclosure of the ''man of sin'', even though none of God's children then on earth understood the matter. The Revelation which God gave to Jesus Christ to show to his "servant" began to be disclosed particularly from 1914 forward, but none of God's children on earth had an understanding thereo
  5. China's pilot program is already in 4 major cities, and is as far along as Sweden's digital currency pilot program. Sweden's was designed in 2019, and is now mid-pilot (running from 2/2020 to 2/2021. China's pilot program affects a much larger economy, and they hope to have it fully available by the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing. By 2018, 83% of all China's retail monetary transactions were already handled through mobile phones/devices. Only 17% by cash or bank (credit) cards. China especially wanted to do this, in 2019, in response to Facebook's Libra currency, since WeChat Pay (a
  6. True. I wanted to explain that same weakness, but the post would have been longer. The main point is about the implied meaning of anyone who says to anyone else that we aren't just in the last period of time, but we are in the last part of that last period of time. I could have also used the idea of a sports announcer recalling a previous sports play, saying something about it happening not just in the final period of play, but the final part of that final period. If I had a minute I'd make it about Manchester United and Brighton. But I think you already get it. Tennis matches are made up
  7. That's pretty simple to answer, thanks for asking. Let's say I owed you $100.00, which you only would loan me because I promised to pay you back "within days." I told you that I would pay you back within days saying, "... because these are now the last days before I finally will get my paycheck." But then, let's say, it went on for a few more weeks and then a whole month. You'd probably remind me about that time when I said we were already in the last days before I would get my paycheck. But my response to you is, "Don't worry! We are now in the final part, the last days of those last da
  8. I'm afraid you are misunderstanding completely. @Outta Here said: I'm merely showing you how what he is saying is correct. So what you are quoting is a very true statement. I'm not saying I believe the last days started on October 4, 1914, I just picked that date because that's pretty close to the day that the Watchtower claims the last days must have started. If they did start then, you could say that everyone since that date has been living in the last part of the last days. *** w14 7/15 p. 30 par. 9 “You Will Be Witnesses of Me” *** That happened in October 1914, markin
  9. I think most people in the West don't realize that this kind of projection about surveillance and "social credit scores" is exaggerated because the West would love to push their own surveillance and social credit score agenda, and need to prepare and distract Western citizens by pretending it is already worse in China. Also, there is a prejudiced Western mindset that can't understand that most Chinese people don't prize "freedom in a Western way" in the way most of us might expect. For most Chinese, Western freedoms don't mean as much as we think they do. They are not clamoring for their
  10. I already suggested that the riots in America are pure subversion. But when people begin to smell a rat, as I did, I tried to identify where the subversion was coming from. Follow the money. Look at how similar riots have been incited elsewhere and who was behind them and for what purpose, and which powers-that-be took which sides. Look at the probable versions of an end game. I see a lot of persons on Twitter, FB and YouTube merely giving up on their own logic, and deciding they should contradict their own evidence, and claim that it must therefore be a "Maoist" revolution.
  11. Yes - I expected that. I think you like to look at ONE thing at a time a be absolute sure of its black and whiteness - then go to the next part. Again, I think it's the opposite. When a Western-raised person wants to talk about China, they should be willing to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly. Based on what you just said, it all seems very one-sided to you. You seem to be unwilling to address anything positive except to say that anyone who believes anything positive has been fooled. I think it's all black and white to you, because you take anything in between and find a way to
  12. I don't think you "discovered" anything about UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, nor even UN Immigration Compact 2018. You merely listened to propagandists and conspiracy promoters who told you what sounded believable to you. The reason I say that is that you have often been asked, yet you have NEVER yet been able to point out where these ideas are in any of the official UN documents.
  13. Communist and socialist regimes can become every bit as corrupt as other forms of government. They often cannot even be attempted without decades of civil war, which attracts alignments from the outside of those nations, often with a goal of either exacerbating, extending, or sabotaging. (The process of implementing of Chinese communism produced civil wars lasting about 30 years.) But I think you give away your instinct to simply cherry-pick anything that sounds negative about socialism, when you say what you just said about "a similar mindset under Nazi Socialism. . . with emphasis on '
  14. I was really looking for more clarity from you. These conversations tend to go in a lot of different directions. I questioned the purpose of your posting the Elizabeth Economy video, because it had so little to do with any of your claims. In fact, it's a video that I might even agree with more than you do. When you told me I had missed quite a lot, and that I wasn't listening well, I realized that you weren't paying attention to to the right one of your video links, even though I identified it by quoting your own intro to the "Economy" video (page 6), and I also wrote several paragraphs i
  15. I'm not sure how you could have "noted" this. I think you just thought it because you weren't reading carefully, or I wasn't writing carefully. If you read the previous 40 pages of this topic, a few of my opinions about 1914 should be clear enough.
  16. Perhaps you do. Perhaps that's why I sometimes decide to take notes when listening to videos. But at least you are admitting now that what I said was correct in that she said nothing about any of those things, and that the following was accurate:
  17. No matter what the phrase "final part of the last days" implies to you, most Witnesses, and the rest of the world, it is a meaningless phrase for defining where we are within those last days. Outta Here is showing that, if one is in the last days, it is always a true statement. If the last days could be said to start on October 4, 1914, then the final part of the last days could have started on October 5, 1914. Since we are now 38,696 days from October 4, 1914, we could divide that period into two parts, if we wished: [1st part: 1st day] [2nd part: the next 38,695 days of the last da
  18. I think it's also fair to point out that most of the persons at these educational facilities appear to be male between the ages of about 18 to about 35. Just today I saw someone claim (on Instagram) that the number of Uyghurs being tortured and "slaughtered" in concentration camps is about "three million." Three million is higher than the entire population of Uyghur males in that age range in the entire province. Therefore these very few Google Earth facilities would actually be expected to take up about half the entire populated areas of real estate of the entire province to handle even
  19. As mentioned above, there is a very interesting review of the BBC's report on the Uyghur situation here: a recent video report on Xinjiang by John Sudworth of the BBC . The link to the original report is here: “Inside China’s ‘thought transformation’ camps — BBC News” The fascinating expose of the BBC propaganda in the report is here:
  20. Not if the original report was made up as an assumed extrapolation from interviews with 8 or fewer interviewees living 1,000 miles from China (and from someone who claims he is doing this for God and for apocalypse), and subsequent reports keep playing off reports from the same original madman, imo, Adrian Zenz. Sure, when the idea caught on as a thing to be against, then lots of people are going to pick up on it and try to make it provable through some kind of evidence. But you'll notice that it requires a lot of loaded words to make sure that this gets picked up by other groups to make sure
  21. No. I'm talking about the video you posted with the WP journalist interviewing Elizabeth Economy, China expert who has worked on the Council on Foreign Relations.
  22. Are you sure this was the interview you intended to post? I listened (and took notes) on the entire interview. It presents nothing about organ harvesting, nothing about Tibet (except to indicate that all boundary issues have been resolved between China and Tibet), nothing about control of water, nothing about Falun Gong, nothing about Uyghurs, nothing about problems in Mongolia, and almost nothing about problems in Africa, HK and Taiwan. China is presented merely as an ambitious economic power well on its way to becoming the number one economic power, which the West sees as a threat that
  23. Governments typically don't get along very well. They act selfishly in their own interests, and especially in the interests of the elites who try to control them. They don't acknowledge the benefits of God's kingdom, nor do they give credit to the moral guidance of the Bible that, if followed, could result in better government, better equitable treatment of the poor, better distribution of resources, and employment in projects that improve standards of living, better health, better treatment of the sick, less infant mortality, longer lifespans, etc. But even when officials running governm
  24. I've given examples before, and any others I know I will keep to myself. But your take is quite reasonable in the overall post. I like that you can give some benefit of the doubt even if you are pretty sure things can be done differently. I think this is the right attitude for almost everything. Your first instincts have probably been better than some of the counsel you get from others. I liked Vic Vomidog much better before the name change. And Anna might've liked the idea of representing the BV's as cumbersome family household teraphim. For me, though, it was like a bur in the saddle
  25. This was his opinion. Mine is that something big could be about to happen at any time, with or without a lockdown. It could happen in dire times, or during times when people are taking note of relative peace and security.
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