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  1. I can not open study material 

  2. Can not open weekly study material 

    1. biddy2331@gmail.com


      I cant even find the weekly study material.What has happened to it?

    2. T.B. (Twyla)
    3. Thurman Allen

      Thurman Allen

      Hello Twyla

      I am not able to view the study materials.  Can you help me out?  Thank you.

  3. I love you information but this time I can’t seems to download any of it it say unavailable on all of the study material can you check on that for me thanks 

    1. T.B. (Twyla)
    2. Darlene


      Oh my dear sister T you have help a lot of us to stay close to Jehovah and increase our personal study habits and th way we enjoy studying and comments at the meetings so keep sharing your love For Jehvah to us all thank yo so much we love for that Sister(Twyla)

  4. Thank you for all the spiritual assistant you shred with all of us your brothers and sisters lie me who value your help and I know this scripture apply to you Ruth 2:12 ( everyone please read the scripture and apply it to our dear sisters thanks Sister Darlene

  5. Tyawla you are doing a great job to assist your briothersand sisters I really looked forward to this web site it always i necessary to have this imformation whicch helps me to draw closer to Jehovah. This site helps me to spend more time on medicate on how this apples to ,e a d to my family. you truly pit your self out for me and others who count on you to make it a joy to study the bible oh just one more thing every midweek meeting is on You tube every Tuesday. Check it out if you have YouTube this is the site JW MIDWEEK MEETING 09-2-2018 i use it when I am uumable to go I stil get to see the entire meeting not my hall but this brother helps us to see the meeting let me know if it works
  6. I am so happy that you were able to get the book this is right book and reference although REFERANCE if you print it out 500 pages unless you front and backTHANKS TO DUSTPARTICLE AND THE LIBRIAN AND HOUSTON WAYTO GO YOU ARE ALL ON THE SRIGHT PAGE STUDY IS VERY EASY JUST USE YOU ELECTRONIC DEVICE IT MAKE STUDY EASY ANDTHIS WAY YOU XAN RESTED IT IS THAT EASY THIS IS MY 4th time attending PSS 37 years it has even a blessing bring your charger do your device we all had recharge out devices my love and friendship to you Dears brothers sister Darlene
  7. This is the new book copyrighted is 2014 so this book and s literally new you have to download it now and when you get the el Renoir one keep this one and may sure to get the one that circuit overseer pass them pit a month I advance there is no field but we ar credit 40 hours lots of good things to learn
  8. Dear librarian i just went to pioneer school and you get the book a month in advance plus all the references and all the scriptural references you can download all of the a month ahead of the time you will attend the school
  9. I have both new pioneer book download and all the REFERANCE and all the scriptural references but I need a email to send it to if you read this email Dustparticle 2186
  10. THIS A REAL EXAMPLE OF LOVE IN ACTION. You have proved to be a friend in times of distress to all of us who want to succeed spiritually and Jehovah gave us you are our helper as we need help like this in the last days and many of us is sick suffer with bipolar major depression high blood pressure old age sad do to things happening to our brothers in prison for loving Jehovah oh well let remember Joseph he was in pris for 13 years and everything he did Jehovah bless him right I always say Joseph went from prison to a palace in one day so is Jehovah still in charge yes he is and has put the greatest man that was on earth who set his right hand His SON Jesus. proverb10:22
  11. I founded at I was looking for on the browser using internet thanks anyway if some one need referance let me Darlene
  12. New pioneer reference book study material I have been invited to attend the pioneer school for the 4 the time this time I will get the new book it will he 37 years in September and I am on the infirm list so if any one can help me out if someone can please put it on this website please your sister in the faith your fellow pioneer
  13. Great conversation and kind words to read from you  thank you soooooooo muc

  14. When you go to downloD the workbook for let's say March 2018 GO TO JW.ORG and you will see EPUB NEXT RTF SCREEN HIT THAT BUTTON ALL the research has been research for us it will appear in red and blue it is great coming directly from JW.Org i used it for quick reference and partication in meetings try it any question let me know
  15. This is love in action your precious time you ate giving for us is in valuable . You may not know what a huge role you play in keeping us in mind and makes it easier to take notes. And the scriptures printed that is huge for me and I know it speaks volume to what you are doing for us as your brothers and sister proverb 10:22 ruth 2:12 take this an apply it to your self may Jehovah help you to continue to be faithful and so,loving to those of us you have never met in person so thank you very much love Sister Darlene Hamilton fulltime pioneer for 36 years and counting I am going to pioneer S hill for the fourth time and will share with what I learned
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