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  1. Hello. Is there a soundtrack from his talk about being ready for Armsgeddon. Don t know the title or date. Must be a while ago because he talks about the tuesday and thursday meetjngs. I would live to HEAR it instead if only readjng. Agape jennifer
  2. Queen Esther, where die you see thuis cover? On pinterest or else? Greetings jennifer
  3. Zo super gaaf. Ben hem al aan het lezen. Net een goed boek zo makkelijk leest het. Je begrijpt veel beter wat er staat. Kijk maar eens naar hooglied. ??
  4. Hello. I am looking for the lyrics from all 31+ original songs. I don't want to enscribe for something just to use it onbce and pay forever. Is there anybody who can help me? Thanks so much. Agape Jennifer
  5. This ice grows because of the water going over subjects and freezes. The water cannot reach the trees
  6. The quality is quit good. It is remastered in HD Here are the links to it. Part one Part two part three Part four Enjoy
  7. Sister actually.? not mine either but we have to pay attention to everything. I am from Holland near arnhem.
  8. He sings in the song Where are you about heaven. the person is looking from above behind the stars. sorry when you are JW you don't sing about the Babylonic things we reject as JW. do we? I love his voice too. would be nice if he becomes our brother but be carefully with what he sings.
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