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  1. Welcome to the Royal Caribbean, Such a lovely place (such a lovely place) Such a lovely face. Plenty of room at the Royal Caribbean, Quarantines are here (this time of year) you can find it here Last thing I remember, I was Running for the door I had to find the passage back to the place I was before 'Relax' said the CDC man, 'We are programmed to receive. You can check out any time you like, But you can never leave!'
  2. The cruise line operator Royal Caribbean has said it will refuse any passengers with Chinese, Hong Kong or Macao passports, regardless of when they were last in China. The remarkable statement comes after reports that about two dozen passengers aboard a cruise ship that docked in Bayonne, New Jersey, on Friday morning were screened for coronavirus and four were sent to a local hospital for further screening. In a statement published on its website,
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    Royal Caribbean said that none of the four passengers tested showed clinical signs or symptoms of coronavirus, although one tested positive onboard for flu. However, the company said it would be adopting a number of health screening protocols, including the following: Any guests holding a Chinese, Hong Kong, or Macau passport, regardless of when they were there last, will not be allowed to board our ships. Any guest or crew member that has been in contact (which the CDC defines as 6 feet or 2 meters) with someone that has traveled from, to, or through mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macau less than 15 days.
  3. CDC only updating site on Mon/Wed/Fri instead of daily now? Anyone else find this suspicious that instead of daily updates as it had been for at least a week....on 2/5 the CDC decided to change to only updating their info 3 times a week. Suspicious. I think US cases will rise today on update, and not again until Monday when it should be sooo many more....maybe try to prevent mass panic over the weekend? Thoughts? Also hardly any news about possible cases out for testing in the US over the past couple days.
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  4. If this was in a US harbor, US federal law would give each American citizen the right to a hearing within 3 days of being quarantined and right to counsel. One question on this for Japanese liner is whether Japanese national law would even follow WHO protocol. It’s in Japanese water so Japanese law would apply I think. Not sure they have due process like we do under USA constitution.
  5. Book 2 weeks, get 50 weeks free! Enjoy some Corona while soaking up sunset! Join us in the main dining hall for secondary bacterial infection buffet! Follow that by enjoying our new show in the theatre, starring Tami Flu.
  6. On Cruise Ship Quarantined In Japan, Any New Cases Would Reset The Isolation Clock: Quote: “People who are quarantined aboard the Diamond Princess in Japan have been wondering how long their isolation would last. On Friday, a health official gave an answer they might not like: the quarantine will be extended every time a new case of the Wuhan coronavirus is confirmed on the ship. The coronavirus quarantine that has kept some 3,700 people aboard the cruise ship is currently set to expire on Feb. 19 – but that date would be reset if any new samples from people on the ship test positive for the virus, Dr. Michael Ryan, executive director of WHO's Health Emergencies Program, said Friday.”
  7. 2,600 of the 3,711 passengers and crew on board the Diamond Princess had also temporarily gone sightseeing ashore in the city, raising fears of having spread the deadly new coronavirus on the island inhabitants. Such a scenario arose a few days ago after a bus driver in Japan had contracted the virus after ferrying passengers who were tourists from China, even though the driver he himself had never recently visited Wuhan the epicentre of the outbreak. "Our staff members are verifying whether any passengers who left the Diamond Princess had spread the virus while it was docked in the city.
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  8. "Coronaviruses last up to nine days on jacks and bells" Coronaviruses can remain on surfaces and become infectious for up to nine days at room temperature. On average, they survive four to five days, writes a research team from Greifswald and Bochum in the "Journal of Hospital Infection". "Cold and high humidity are still increasing their service life," Günter Kampf of the Institute for Hygiene and Environmental Medicine at the University Medicine Greifswald said on Friday.Since there is no specific therapy against coronaviruses, the prevention of contagion is important. Like all droplet infections, the virus spreads through hands and surfaces, which are often touched. "In the hospital, for example, these can be doorknobs, but also bells, bedside tables, bed frames and other objects in the immediate vicinity of patients," Kampf explained. Together with virologist Eike Steinmann from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Kampf had compiled findings from studies on coronaviruses and their inactivation for a planned textbook. Based on the current situation, they published the scientific facts in advance. They assume that their findings on other coronaviruses are transmissible to the new virus 2019-nCoV. "Different coronaviruses were studied, and the results were all similar," Steinmann explained.For disinfection, the researchers recommend means based on ethanol, hydrogen peroxide or sodium hypochlorite. Applying these in the right concentration, they drastically reduced the number of infectious coronaviruses within one minute – from one million to only 100 disease-causing particles. If preparations are used on a different drug basis, they should at least have a limited effect against viruses. "As a rule, this is enough to significantly reduce the risk of contagion," Kampf said. Other researchers had previously advised more frequent hand washing. (dpa)
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  9. British couple David and Sally Abel are being quarantined on a cruise ship in Japan, where the deadly coronavirus has now spread to over 60 people. A friend who they dined with nearly everyday on the ship has contracted the virus and was taken to hospital. Despite the possibility of catching the infection, they remain calm and positive, telling Jackie Long: "We can either crash and crumble or we can face it." The Diamond Princess cruise ship was placed under quarantine when it approached Yokohama on Monday evening.
  10. So, people are still allowed to go outside , there are just checkpoints and temperature checks
  11. That’s another 13 million added to the quarantine numbers Edit: At least 13 million. It depends if it is just the city of Guangzhou under quarantine or if it is the entire metro area. Metro population 56M
  12. Guangzhou now under quarantine, 7 February
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    Translation, per Google translate: At noon on February 7, the Guangzhou City Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention Command for New Coronavirus Infection issued the No. 3 Circular on Further Strengthening Community and Rural Epidemic Prevention and Control, which requires the concentration of culture and entertainment in the village living room. Places are always closed. All residential communities (villages) in the city are closed. Strengthen the management of people (vehicles) access, and restrict non-owners (villages) owners, residents or users and vehicles from entering the property management area. All entrances and exits shall be provided with prevention and control card points, and resident personnel shall enter and exit with their credentials and perform temperature monitoring. The notice also requires that enterprises, institutions, rental house owners or other house lessors must implement their prevention and control responsibilities. Enterprises, institutions, and owners of rental housing are responsible for the management of related personnel, and the management of rental housing is directly responsible. 全文 The full text of the announcement is as follows: Guangzhou City Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters on Further Strengthening Communities and Rural Areas 的 Notice of prevention and control of epidemic situation (No. 3) In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, to effectively protect the lives and health of the people, and to safeguard public interests, in accordance with laws and regulations such as the Law of the People's Republic of China on Infectious Disease Prevention and Control and the Law of the People's Republic of China on Emergency Response, in accordance with Guangdong Province The first-level response requirements for major public health emergencies are hereby notified as follows: First, citizens must protect themselves. Citizens should wash their hands frequently, go out less, do not walk in, do not get together, do not gather meals, wear masks in and out of public places. All gathering places such as culture and entertainment in the village are closed. Ii. All residential communities (villages) shall be closed. Strengthen the management of personnel (vehicles) access, and restrict non-owner (village) owners, residents or users and vehicles from entering the property management area (including but not limited to people such as courier, takeaway and their vehicles). Items delivered by courier companies, takeaways, etc. should be sent to a designated area for centralized storage and management, and collected by customers themselves. All entrances and exits should be equipped with prevention and control card points. Residents must enter and exit and conduct body temperature monitoring. Those whose body temperature exceeds 37.3 degrees Celsius are required to actively cooperate with medical observation and other related disposals in accordance with work guidelines, and promptly report to the residents (village) committee Will report. 33. Arrivals must report on the same day. Foreigners and residents of this city will report to the unit and the village (village) committee in a timely manner through the “Sui Kang” WeChat mini-program on the day of their arrival on the same day. Investigate responsibilities according to law. 24. Personnel who are still stranded in key epidemic areas shall not return to the province until the first-level response to a major public health emergency in the province is cancelled. Public officials (party and government agencies, institutions, and state-owned enterprise staff) who return to Guangzhou in advance shall be held accountable by the disciplinary inspection and supervisory organs at the same level; foreign visitors from Guangzhou have a history of staying in key epidemic areas. Eligibility for points-based household registration and eligibility for points-based public rental housing.
  13. At the apparent 15% daily rate of increase of cases and deaths both inside and outside of China, by April 24th everyone in China would have the virus. By that date the number of cases outside of China would be ~11,718,858. The average daily rate of increase over the past 7 days: China cases 20.25% China deaths 18.80% non-China cases 15.19% Source:
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    Hubei cases 25.58%; deaths 31.25% Zhejiang cases 12.58% Guangdong cases 15.85% Beijing cases 13.97% Source:
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  14. The reason why it was called the Spanish Flu, is not because it was from Spain, but it was because Spain was one of the few with an uncensored press, that was free to report the truth about the virus in World War 1, because they were neutral in the fight. The King of Spain died from it. It originated in Kansas, outside an army base. A supplier of pork for the base, under the migration path of birds, so combination avian/porcine. It started in Kansas and President Wilson had a policy of suppressing negative information during WWI, including news about a lethal illness. We (USA) were the China of the Spanish flu.
  15. Can someone who reads Chinese please tell me what is going with this plane and Coronavirus?

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