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  1. Looks like you can't help running this photo once again expressing your feelings AGAINST the Branch & FDS for producing these amazing videos and encouraging us to use them. Once the organization says do our ministry in a certain way, then we do it. If personal preferences entered into it, some would still be using phonographs. The chariot's on the move. Better get on board.
  2. We save children in RICH countries with cartoons as well. Do you have a point or are you prejudiced against the poor? Maybe you'd be happier if publishers just carried a stick and drew a picture in the dirt for all the poor kids.
  3. Actually "studying the Bible" with your kids in 1979 mostly involved fighting to get everybody to sit down and be still and read Bible verses in small print they didn't understand and could not picture in their minds. Evidently you missed the point about Noah doing "just so" and the FDS feeding us if you have issues with current teaching methods.
  4. Guess you missed the cover of the Sept 2016 WT. The Faithful & Discreet Slave says this is how we present the Truth to young ones. Time to retire your phonograph and testimony cards and start moving forward with the chariot.
  5. It is appropriate because he Faithful & Discreet Slave, entrusted with feeding us has produced these teaching aids and instructed us to use them. There is a fine line between "cantankerous" and out right apostasy with this line of questioning. Obviously you haven't been to Bolivia lately, because now many of these "poorest children" have cell phones and cheap Chinese-made tablets are readily available. Your post is extremely insulting to the many thousands of "need-greaters" who have left home and family to serve in foreign lands. I've never seen any Witnesses posing as a "high tech rich person" wandering the earth to show cartoons. So how about just sticking to posting the photos and keep your old cantankerous, out-dated and erroneous opinions to yourself.
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