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  1. The above is fake news, Jobs actual last words were: Steve’s final words were: OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.
  2. You don't get to count any time, as a matter of fact, you have to take four hours off your regular field service report....
  3. Outside of the Bible is there any archilogical or written evidence that Jesus Christ actually existed that has already not been proven to be forgeries or based on myth?
  4. Another sad example of Jehovah's Witness parents choosing obedience to gravely flawed doctrine over the life of their child. In this case the girl's heart condition may very well have caused her to succumb regardless of medical decisions made. But that isn't the point this time. She is from Australia and her JW parents flew her all the way to the US because there is a specific hospital in Ohio that is internally famous (amongst JWs) for its efforts to avoid giving blood transfusions to JW patients even when they need one. Her condition took a turn for the worse and she is te
  5. "All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing" Waiting on Jehovah is not the answer when a child is in danger or a person suffers in silence. Jehu did not wait nor did most men cited in the Bible. The interesting part is in most cases as with Jesus, they stood up to the religions leaders claiming to represent Jehovah and called them to task for their wicked acts. Of course the leaders wanted them to remain silent and "Wait on Jehovah". Thank you for your courage to speak out and perhaps in time you will find it again to stand for those who are afraid to speak fo
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