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  1. Here's the link to the actual article - it does NOT say we have stopped preaching. Just the opposite, it points out the dangers our brothers face there while continuing to preach:
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    . Here is the article Google-translated to English: FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2018 Because of the insecurity, Jehovah's Witnesses no longer go out to preach, they do it through a mobile application Users can download the bible in more than 234 languages and dialects VILLAHERMOSA, TABASCO.-Due to the high levels of insecurity that are experienced in the streets of Villahermosa, Jehovah's Witnesses have had to resort to technology to be able to preach from a mobile application, where users can download the Bible in more of 234 languages and dialects; and with that, to face the fact that people do not want to open the doors of their houses for fear of being looted. And they pointed out that before the increase in the crime rate, many citizens are afraid to let them go to their homes to receive the word of God, that is why now they resort to only inviting them -from the gates or sidewalks- to download the application and explore information related to Jehovah's commands, said Raymundo Argudo Pérez, preacher. "It is a free application for all people where the Jehovah's Witnesses society can check online information such as biblical films, cartoons for children, advice for children on how to be obedient to parents, also the online Bible "He said. To which he continued: Some people because they fear to open their doors and we avoid accessing homes, we always tell them what better from the outside. However, they continue to travel the city in their free time to transfer the wisdom of Jesus Christ through preaching in homes that allow them, a situation that makes them vulnerable to the robberies of lovers of others, especially in colonies popular so-called red lights. He even said that criminals have accessed inside religious centers where they meet, to kidnap preachers. "In some places they have assaulted us, they have even entered the halls of the kingdom where we have met, they have assaulted us, they have kidnapped brothers; This affects us all equally and is something for which we ask our Lord God, to solve these problems but while that happens we have to continue preaching, "he said. Finally, he shared that it is an activity that they carry out voluntarily, and in their particular case, they dedicate 70 hours of service per month; however, despite the danger of crime they will continue to do so. "We do not charge anything and we do it voluntarily taking into account a biblical principle recorded in Matthew chapter 10 verse 8, where our Lord Jesus Christ expressed himself when he trained his disciples to go preach, he did not charge them if he did not He said, they received free den for free, the word of God is not sold, "he concluded.
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