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  1. The whole problem started when you judged your sister's makeup.... That is where the thread took a down turn. What about all the sisters in this world that where hair extentions or hair braiding. Would you say the same about them? Do you color your hair? What about the millions of sisters that color thier hair? You should think twice before judging and saying things about your sisters dress and grooming.
  2. You said the awful sayings about the sister quote Not a nice witness with so red lips like a model" Yes bible speaks posted the beautiful picture.... do you think she's not a nice Witness? You yourself said it. Just like Jesus said it one time you yourself said it. I asked you a question if this was your website you didn't want to answer. Why don't you answer? What gives you the right to say that she can only wear light rose color? What happens if she read this comment that you posted would she be offended? Yes I did say you posted the picture and I'm sorry you didn't post the picture you just posted the comments. Maybe you should ask Bible speaks if and why he was posting the picture? In the meantime do you want to answer my question is this your website?
  3. Your comment "I never saw a sister with so much 'Make up' while serving for Jehovah" those were your comments you're the one that said it. And it was rude. Did you ask the sister if you could post her picture on the internet? Do you think Jesus is happy with the comment you made? What would happen if she saw the comment that you made how would she feel? Remember what Jesus said about not stumbling one of his sheep.
  4. I see you won't answer me. You're the one that started the comment. and you're the one that made the derogatory statement about our sister
  5. well said BIBLE SPEAKS...... I just cant believe SO CALLED QUEEN'SÂ thoughts would even come from her mouth ..... maybe we should ask the sister in the picture what she thinks?... did you get consent from her to post this picture online ( of her at the cart?) Â how do you think she would feel if she read your thoughts QUEEN????Â
  6. been around for a while but don't comment.... do you own this site? or do you feel to comment and follow most threads? Â please answer.....
  7. Why would you even say something like that...... it is horrible...... I have one question to ask you...... I see you post or comment on most topics on world forum....... Is this your website? amen.......
  8. here is the text... add your own pictures http://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/102009128#h=1

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