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  1. Here’s an interesting chart for you. Hmmm… how does this Credit Suisse report from 2017 related to Bezos’ comments? Let’s start with what he said and to whom. So to start with, he’s actually saying that his 24 year old company is late middle-aged by large company standards, and the Credit Suisse data shows that it’s actually geriatric compared to the average. Secondarily, context is key. He wasn’t talking to investors but likely senior staff, people who make a difference to Amazon’s ongoing ability to innovate and grow. And what is he telling them? This i
  2. When handsome 24-year-old footballer Daniel Correa Freitas joined the throng of family and friends celebrating the 18th birthday of a friend, he had little idea of the horror that lay in store. A champagne-fueled evening in a local nightclub had culminated early in the morning at an impromptu party at the family home of Allana Brittes. It was here, at 8 a.m., that Freitas sent a series of selfies on WhatsApp showing him lying in bed alongside Allana’s mother, Cristiana. “I’m going to devour the birthday girl’s mom…and the dad is here,’’ a grinning Freitas wrote to friends.
  3. The Tyndall F-22 problem is part of a larger F-22 problem. The USAF has a little over 180 F-22s in inventory. Of that 180 only about 120 are flyable. The other 60 or so are long term hanger queens that are useful for cannibalizing parts. Of the 120 that can fly, there is an availability rate of about 50% versus a Pentagon mandate for 80% availability. We probably only have around 60 F-22s to cover the entire world on any given day. That is part of the reason why the F-22 platforms hang around the US in places like Washington DC, Panama City, Honolulu, and Anchorage. They are in a defensive pos
  4. “A lot of founding principles of Facebook are that if people have access to more information and are more connected, it will make the world better; people will have more understanding, more empathy. That’s the guiding principle for me. On hard days, I really just step back, and that’s the thing that keeps me going.”
  5. Not sure who you've been talking to the past few months...but NYT journalists were chatting in secret with 50+ people (execs, lawmakers, lobbyists, etc.) about Facebook's (-0.26%) handling of its recent scandals. What did they find? The report claims that CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg ignored warning signs, deflected blame, and sought to "shift public anger toward rival companies." And that's only the first couple paragraphs. Here's more: "At critical moments over the last three years, [Zuckerberg and Sandberg] were distracted by personal projects, and passed off
  6. Is That an AI Lab? Nope, Just a Walmart If we've told you once, we've told you a thousand times: A booming economy and strong consumer sentiment have been great for retailers. So instead of only telling you about Walmart's (-2.01%) third-quarter financials (which, BTW, featured 3.4% U.S. sales growth and $124.9 billion in revenue), let's talk about how Walmart, the world's largest retailer, is trying to innovate. There's a major focus on winning customers online. With annual e-commerce sales growth clocking in at 43% in Q3, Walmart looks ready for the prime-time holiday season.
  7. Bitcoin fell below $6,000 on its way to hit its lowest level of the year. Other cryptocurrencies (like Ether and XRP) had an even worseday.
  8. Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway (-0.87%) added more than 35 million shares of JPMorgan (+1.56% after hours) to its portfolio last quarter.
  9. Via AP Do bosses... Report four consecutive quarters of sales growth at existing locations? Boost earnings guidance for the year? Invest more than $200 million renovating a specific set of stores (called "magnets") with new technology and more varied merchandise? Expect to hit $1 billion in mobile sales this year? Apparently. But we're also guessing a 7.2% drop in share price isn't part of the job description. So why did investors knock Macy's yesterday? Because everything's relative. Bloomberg's Sarah Halzack points out investors have set a high bar
  10. Natural gas futures skyrocketed as much as 20% yesterday. Traders are worried about skimpy supply levels (which are at a 15-year seasonal low) heading into what could be a frigid few months. Of course, new weather forecasts and supply concerns aren't the only factors at play here. Wonky hedge fund strategies also contributed a great deal to the market volatility, according to some analysts. Still, natural gas prices are up more than 50% this year. And that could mean a higher heating bill this winter (especially if you're in the Northeast, which suffers from Pipeline Deficiency Synd
  11. Uber's Losses Keep Growing Uber's main refrain from its (self-reported) Q3 earnings? It takes money to make money. On the top line...the ride-hailing firm raked in $2.95 billion, up 38% annually (though growth is slowing). And gross bookings reached $12.7 billion, up 34% YoY. UberEats was a standout—the food delivery service earned $2.1 billion in gross bookings, up more than 150% from a year ago. But on the bottom line...things look a little different. Uber's net loss (on a GAAP basis) for the quarter hit $1.07 billion (it lost $891 million in Q2). So what's going on?
  12. PG&E Corp.—California's biggest utility—is on the brink of a crisis in light of the possibility a power failure on one of its transmission lines sparked the deadliest wildfire in US history. The Camp Fire in Northern California has killed at least 56 people (while more than 130 remain missing) and destroyed a record 7,600 homes and other structures. So what happened? The cause of the fire hasn't been pinpointed just yet, but authorities are looking into PG&E's equipment as a possible source. It reported an "electric incident" about 15 minutes before the first blaze was report
  13. Bayer (-3.08%) is now facing suits from 9,300 plaintiffs alleging its weed killers cause cancer.
  14. Waymo is set to launch the world's first commercial driverless car service in the coming months.
  15. Step one: Starbucks (-0.74%) plans to lay off ~5% of its global corporate workforce.
  16. General Electric (+7.76%) will cut its stake in Baker Hughes to a slight majority position, accelerating a plan to get the conglomerate some much-needed cash.
  17. Britain and the EU would agree to a preliminary Brexit deal But that last one is just what went down yesterday. UK Prime Minister Theresa May called an emergency cabinet meeting today to discuss the proposal. And after May held mano-a-minister meetings with cabinet members last night, she'll be hoping for their support on game day. Remember: Uncertainty over what Brexit would actually look like has put businesses on edge. A Brexit without a deal in place could be a disaster, clogging ports and draining supplies. Cadbury has even stockpiled chocolateprepping for the worst case scenari
  18. Look, it just got $3 billion in funding from SoftBank. With the new investment, the coworking startup is valued at no less than $42 billion. And if you feel like you've got déjà vu, you don't—SoftBank just really likes WeWork. We present to you as evidence... 1) The Japanese conglomerate is WeWork's biggest investor, and the rest of the pack isn't particularly close. 2) WeWork raised $1 billion from SoftBank in August in a convertible note. 3) SoftBank tossed in ~$4.4 billion in a WeWork funding round last year. So what makes SoftBank so bullish on WeWork? The fi
  19. Amazon (-0.35%) announced it'll be opening new "headquarters" in both Crystal City, Virginia and Long Island City, New York...with Nashville getting a smaller logistics center as a consolation prize. It was the most high-profile quest for commercial real estate since the Brew decided we needed a Warehouse 2 for sticker storage. This story has many angles You could... Applaud Amazon for investing billions of dollars and creating tens of thousands of high-paying jobs. Wonder how those jobs might have changed the fortunes of smaller cities (any Detroiters in the house?)
  20. Boots - Axle - Outer Item Description A boot is a flexible, piece of rubber that protects vital components from dirt, debris and the elements. An axle is the part of the car's frame that supports the weight of the vehicle and the weight of accelerating and braking. An outer axle boot is the boot that protects the outer axle. Reason When damaged, the axle boots leave the axles vulnerable to decay and destruction which can lead to major component damage and damage of connected parts. Somewhat early for a 4 year
  21. And this would be a good thing? Have you ever seen a movie where this ends well?
  22. How many HQ's have to exist before there is no actual Headquarters? Just curious. Is HQ2 or HQ3 actually an oxymoron? or is Amazon being "decentralized" so as to avoid government anti-monopoly legislation? oooh.... what a thought.
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