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  1. Extra caution recommended for our perilous end times: https://www.jw.org/en/publications/magazines/ws20150515/watchful-satan-wants-to-devour/
  2. Yes Satan is roaring like a lion, seeking to murder any who may expose his schemes...
  3. So this makes news because he is obviously deranged, claims to be a Jehovah's Witness or both? Like, will they let you fly a commercial jet airliner if you just say youre a pilot?
  4. Andre R Stephens

    My boyfriend has finally recieved the brand of God

    Review Leviticus 19:28 ?
  5. Yes this testimony seems definitely biased. While Almighty God has granted us the freedom to make choices of our own volition, having that freedom doesn't mean we are always wise. 30 years ago I had a friend who was convinced he was wiser than Jehovah's organization. So he left. And after many horrible experiences over a span of ten years, one near fatal, he decided to return to Jehovah's house. He came to realize that "like a blind man I was not aware of the danger that was in front of me each day". Truth is not something we can merely wish away.
  6. Praying for first for those who hate truth and all dedicated, devoted servants of our loving God Jehovah.

  7. Hoping to return to Sacramento soon.


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