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  1. I respectfully remind you that Christ is the "head of the congregation." True followers of Christ Jesus do not lean so heavily on one mans opinions that if or when those opinions show themselves to be unreliable, they completely lose faith in their whole belief structure. Russell was instrumental in helping cleanse the Bible Stidents of false Christian beliefs and traditions of men. But the faith shared commonly among JW's is based on truths from the Bible, not opinions of men.
  2. "Unpredictable" is not in keeping with the spirit in which Jesus was giving answer to his disciples. The mere fact that Jesus stated the things that would indicate the "conclusion" of this system of things, and adding that no one knows the "day or the hour," (not year or decade) Jesus would not have said to "keep on the watch" if there wasn't to be anything to "watch" for...
  3. You are forgetting the part where Jesus said that "this generation" would not pass away until all of these things occur... Therefore, no, it could not go on for hundreds of years more. Also, no, Jehovah is not backing the SDA's because they have not followed the command to "get out of" or separate themselves from "Babylon the Great" thereby not allowing themselves to be "a people for Gods name."
  4. I strongly disagree... What Russell said doesn't, in my opinion, show his calculations for 1914 to be wrong. It only shows that his expectations of what that dates significance would mean for the immediate state of the world and its affairs were not taking several things into account. To buy into your reasoning would be like saying that because Noah built the ark big enough to support several other people getting onboard, the fact that no one else did proves that the flood wasn't actually a result of Jehovah bringing judgement upon mankind due to his displeasure concerning the conditions that prevailed at that time in history! Preposterous! The fact that the Gentile Times ended in 1914 did not ever hinge upon mankinds understanding of what exactly that would mean or not mean regarding the fulfillment of prophecy that may or may not have been fully understood at that time...
  5. This is a BLATANT MISQUOTE! I'm not sure if it was manufactured by you or sent to you this way, however, I have poured over the Nov 2016 Watchtower magazine and the above comment is partly a quote(out of context) and mostly conjured from thin air! In light of this realization, I withdraw from this conversation as it is not necessary to banter with those who are willing to align themselves with Babylonish teachings and lack reasonableness and common sense. See jw.org to view this magazine for its actual comments. I believe the relevant points are in the article "Called Out Of Darkness."
  6. I don't understand your reason for questioning the validity of 1914 being the end of the Gentile Times? What should have happened that didn't?
  7. Isn't it beautiful the way we are guided by love, to follow the direction outlined in our publications? The world is so determined to desensitize us toward harmful trends that may on the surface seem innocent, yet beneath the surface, are designed to blur the line between modest and suggestive of an unwholesome lifestyle that some young ones may not even be aware of.
  8. HollyW... The light of spiritual truth continues getting brighter. Would it not benefit us to adjust our thinking accordingly? We expect, yes, we rely on the GB to make corrections on anything they have reason to feel needs it. We know this is done, only after much time, effort and prayer, and is always based on a clearer understanding of the scriptures. At times, Jesus revealed, quite gradually, the light of Kingdom truths to his disciples. Those loyal to him waited patiently, knowing an explanation would come in due time. We serve Jehovah because he is Almighty God, Creator of the Universe. Not because of the dates and times of prophecy fulfillment! Those things do, however, serve as reminders that we need to keep a sense of urgency. It's exciting to know that we get to see the fulfillment of this most incredible prophesy, in our own lifetime! We get to witness the downfall of Satan and his demons! Jehovah deserves our love and loyalty. enough said about that! But, if you are having difficulty accepting 1914, then ask yourself how ALL of the signs that Jesus said would indicate the conclusion of this system of things is near, are happening NOW? For the first and only time in history, all of the signs are occurring, so much so, that even some in the world can tell it's the "time of the end." Remember, even the demons believe, and they shudder! Why is Satan so angry? Because he knows his time is very short! If it wasn't, he wouldn't have the whole world in chaos...

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