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    TrueTomHarley got a reaction from The Librarian in Not to be overly difficult, but..... There are a few who seem to me to be those like   
    "This is not a JW forum.  I just brought many JW’s  over when I started posting on here."
    I understand that and I don't disapprove necessarily - occasional grousing to the contrary. I rather like it here, on the principle of every writer needing a villain and not just a muse. I don't engage directly (well, usually) with those I think are really poisonous, and I like the challenge of framing things before people who I know are going to try to shoot it down. I feel as did Frank Sinatra: 'If i can make it here, I'll make it anywhere.'
    I still won't be able (probably) to leave posts directly upon the profiles of certain ones. I don't know how to get around the problem short of non-participation altogether. While it may not be a JW forum, it certainly will seem to be from the standpoint of any who, like me, discover it from a Twitter feed.
    And I must say I am (or was - I've gotten used to it) astounded at all the confidential material that appears here from so many persons. None of it is considered "secret," but some of it is confidential and even that which is not was not intended for public distribution.
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