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  1. True Tom Harley is again showing his true colors: Whenever I've criticized Trump in past posts, you've often come to his defense. And you're braindead JW cultist. Probably she's nice, just like most JWs are nice -- until they start doing the bidding of the Watchtower Society, especially with respect to those who've fallen afoul of some Watchtower rule. Then we see the iron fist in the velvet glove of Watchtower leadership. As for Barrett, she's a member of the cultish group People of Praise:
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  2. The pretend scholar who calls himself "scholarJW" said: Nonsense. If you weren't such a coward, you'd make digital copies of those articles so others could read them without the high expense of buying them. Is that a commitment? I won't hold my breath. A difference of opinion does not constitute gobble-de-goop. Your incoherent arguments and deliberate failure to keep your preconceptions out of the picture are what constitute gobble-de-goop.
  3. The pretend scholar who calls himself "scholarJW" said: Ah, perhaps you're making progress. But I think not. Wrong, as I showed above and dozens of recognized scholars have shown. The 70 years were a period of Babylonian domination over the Middle East, most likely beginning in 609 BCE (the Bible does not specify the beginning) and certainly ending in 539 BCE with the overthrow of the Babylonian Empire. To claim differently is to claim that black is white -- something for which the Watchtower Society and its apologists are notorious. The author does not state or impl
  4. The pretend scholar who calls himself "scholarJW" said: So you admit to performing eisegesis with these texts. That is fundamentally dishonest -- no surprise to anyone who has followed your online 'career'. Note how Wikipedia (
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    (%2F%CB%8Ca%C9%AAs%C9%AA,as%20reading%20into%20the%20text.) describes
  5. You've said plenty that proves you're a Trump supporter, perhaps not in overt action but certainly in spirit. You're as hypocritical as the overall Evangelical community, which made a devil's bargain with Trump to support him in exchange for giving them what they want politically. And JWs are clearly in the camp of the Evangelicals, despite their claims of neutrality. Much like Trump's pretense in saying nice things about Ginsberg, who the Evangelicals truly hated. Trump, of course, doesn't give a hoot.
  6. If you didn't already Google the word, you'll find much lighthearted commentary. Apparently it's being used more and more as a substitute for "you guys" and "youse", etc. I myself, although from the New York suburbs, find myself often using it, since it's a very useful word. Everyone who hears me use it accepts it as a matter of course. In the American West (I now live in Colorado) the term "Howdy" is fairly common, and I often use it, since it's a lighthearted way of greeting, especially coming from someone with a slight New York accent.
  7. Good lord, you've got a lot of fingers! Apparently you're deficient in recognizing sarcasm. You're also deficient in recognizing politically expedient comments. As for Trump's comments on Ginsberg, of course he says "the right things". Otherwise even many of his toadies would roast him. But for those taken in by this charlatan, as he himself proudly stated before his 2016 election: "I could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose support." The fact that Trump is completely insincere is proved by his Supreme Court nominee -- a member of a Catholic cult dedicated to forcing its c
  8. From time to time this forum sends me emails pointing to some topic. A day or two ago one of these sparked my interest, so, against my better judgment, I logged in and read a bit. As usual the complete nonsense spewed by moronic, arrogant, self-righteous JW apologists irritated me, and I responded to a couple of the least-stupid posts.
  9. Since you're discussing "y'all", you should note that you cannot properly address Anna with the term. The term is technically plural, being a contraction of "you all", and Anna appears not to be a composite person. Google the term to find a lot of discussion. That said, "y'all" is sometimes used in the singular, but it irks pureist Southerners. And of course, language -- especially vernacular language -- evolves and often evolves rapidly. As one source says: "Vernacular speech, no matter the language, is full of "common-use" grammar errors. As a native Okie and naturalized Texan, IMO the
  10. The pretend scholar who calls himself "scholarJW" said: You obviously know nothing of that, since you consistently refuse even to quote the Bible, much less discuss it. The facts are that COJ has misled you and you have gobbled up his plain nonsense I figured most of this out independently of COJ. He filled in a lot of gaps, of course. Almost all scholars agree with his views, since his views are essentially a summary of the prevailing views of most scholars. So you agree that that the Exile ended with the Return but the Exile was foretold by Jeremiah Of co
  11. You're beating dead horse, since you already know the answers: the 70 years were not of Jewish Exile but of Babylonian hegemony; that hegemony ended in October, 539 BCE with the fall of Babylon; Cyrus' decree of 538 has nothing to do with this.
  12. The pretend scholar who calls himself "scholarJW" said: You obviously need one. All of which has been thoroughly refuted by many scholars, by Carl Olof Jonsson, and by competent commentators such as me. But it'll cost me $14.00 US. Why should I pay that for what I already know will refute your claims? I have an idea: you scan the article into PDF format and send it to me. We know how that has worked out before: you've gotten Ostrich eggs on your face. Done. What you claimed is still gobble-de-goop and has nothing specifically to do with
  13. The pretend scholar who calls himself "scholarJW" said: Right, which once again is the fall of the Jewish nation and the exile of most of its inhabitants to Babylon. Anything more -- the way you want to do -- is reading into the text what is not there -- eisegesis. Not a single Bible passage states that the Exile would or did last 70 years. Rather, various passages state or imply that a Babylonian hegemony would last 70 years, during part of which the Jews would be in exile. You contradict yourself even here: the first year of Cyrus ran from Nisan 1, 538 up to Nisan
  14. True Tom Harley said: We note the complete sidestep of what I said: If the prospect of living forever with Orwellian-ish JWs were offered to me, I would decline in a heartbeat. Tell that to the JW Governing Body. Sure. Just like Donald Trump wants to Make America Great Again. I suggest you get in touch with my wife's older sister and convince her to quit shunning her daughter and grandchildren the way she's done for 30 years, merely for a mistake the daughter made when she was a naive teenager. But I won't hold my breath.
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