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  1. Well the site I often visit, comprised mostly of professional comedians, disagrees with your 'Rhodes scholars'. But you inhabit a site comprised of Rhodes scholars like I attend a congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses.
  2. I'm sure the site is populated by people at least as astute as you. Ssuuuuuurrre. Where have I heard that before?
  3. Jokes have to make a certain amount of sense, or be something that is clearly tongue-in-cheek. What you said is not funny in any way. And it's not tongue-in-cheek because it's what you and your idiot girlfriend actually believe. And still NO PROBABILITY CALCULATIONS.
  4. This is among the most ignorant things you've managed to say: Not only is it incoherent language-wise, but you've got things ass-backwards as usual. The number of fundamental particles -- not atoms -- in the universe has been estimated at about 10^80. So according to what you would like to have said, the chances of life originating spontaneously are greater than one in 10^80. Exactly opposite of what you should have said. Probabilities are by definition numbers between 0 and 1 -- which you obviously know nothing about. What you apparently meant to say, but have not the mental wherewi
  5. Nearly all Watchtower 'arguments' for creation and/or against evolution are from either Young-Earth Creationists or Old-Earth Creationists or the like. You don't realize it because the Watchtower plagiarizes and fails to give credit.
  6. Yes, you lost your ability to learn a long time ago. Young-Earth Creationists don't count.
  7. LOL! Belief without evidence will certainly get you into The New World where you can pet your lion and tiger.
  8. Just the usual Creationist out-of-the-ass 'calculation'. I.e., NO CALCULATIONS.
  9. It means you lose the probability argument, moron. Are you really that stupid, or just pretending?
  10. You're nearly as ignorant as your girlfriend. "Post-priori" is a common phrase known to most non-Trumpists. Much like its counterpoint "a-priori". And as common as "et cetera". It means "after the fact". Ok, your after-the-fact 'calculation' of probabilities is invalid. Understand? Now see if you can answer my question: Can you figure out why such calculations are bogus? If you think they're valid, then by all means give us a link to a valid presentation of such calculations by your vaunted mathematicians. Summarize them to prove you understand them. Otherwise
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