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  1. The is talking about two events. Evangelicals believe similar things. See the movie, the Fire Next Time! This movie is not about an event that takes place 1000 years after Armageddon. The nations turn on God's worshipers triggers Armageddon! Just because the Bible calls the nations at the four corners of the earth the same thing, does not make these events the same. These issues have been addressed repeatedly in our publications.
  2. i can agree with that. Jacob did not say that. Go back and reread what @Jacob said! I said nothing about what someone should or should NOT do. I made an observation. Most of the time they don't have better solutions. When you grapple with somethng you find out how hard it is and the complexity of it and that brings a measure of humility and respect. I can criticize a ton of stuff until i actually have the job of doing it. Most apostates are just hyperventilating on every topic and issue imaginable because it is quite ok to be have open season on JWs. their fellows don't eve
  3. Dude you are a red herring! I agree with some of your most basic ideas, but listing all this stuff serves no basic purpose but to create noise. We were told to search for the sign in our day. That is what they were supposed to do. Poor and bad interpretations in the past have little to say about the credibility of the current interpretations!
  4. I can't understand why people are so judgmental and less humble about understanding that interpreting Bible prophecy is difficult AND MADE SO ON PURPOSE. Scripture alone tells us that you can be a true prophet or even a true disciple and get prophecy WRONG! Daniel and Revelation both state that prophecy is sealed for a time. Until that time, EVERYONE, I MEAN EVERYONE, true Christian and false alike will get it wrong! Does that mean no Christian should ever try? Wouldn't that portray a lack of faith? Only people who specialize in ridicule wont see the distinction. Some of this is alread
  5. This issue was addressed directly at a regional convention. People who struggle with serious doubt need not feel they have to abandon their faith. There was a whole talk about it. Some may struggle with doubt for years before receiving an answer.
  6. This is off topic. You can't be disfellowshipped for not holding beliefs. You get disfellowshipped for purposefully causing dissension.
  7. @JW Insider The discussion about Jehovah's mouthpiece and the anointed as expressed is completely off topic. Further these statements mildly misrepresent WT doctrine. Jehovah's Witnesses believe both classes will be sons and daughter NOT JUST ANOINTED. The distinction is those who go to heaven obtain an immediate reward that cannot be taken away. Those on earth apparently can lose their reward based on Revelation 20. On earth it appears that it is not until after those who are resurrected to a Day of Judgment turn on God's true Sons that these faithful Sons of God are revealed!
  8. #1 is not a problem with the doctrine unless you mean it is unwise. Being unwise may be a concern but it doesn't make the doctrine untrue. #2 This is only a problem if 1914 is not predicted. You presuppose your conclusion. #3 What is your more correct definition of a generation? Can you establish your belief Biblically? (Those are two different questions. I'm not trying to make it hard to answer. I'm simply wondering whether you have a definition whether it is based on Scripture or not. But if it isn't what is your complaint?) Note: Apostates and skeptics always criticize someth
  9. @JW InsiderI appreicate your attempt to salvage our faith after introducing such a controversial topic. I've not read everything but I think you comments go too far. I've not read everything here and perhaps i should before i comment. This Generation I'm neutral regarding the new This Generation doctrine. I don't see the scriptural basis for several reasons I will not add here. I don't think it is appropriate on a public forum where anyone can read. I don't think it is wrong who can be sure? But I do think it is unwise. I think the brothers focus on "This generation" becaus
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