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  1. The value just went up for the current inventory over there.... and the next ship will be worth twice the amount! Economics...
  2. getfvid_69562258_2419965331626098_7496444821905604608_n.mp4
  3. Hello @Alice This is the club where anything related to JW's should be posted (not on the main site page). Thank you.
  4. https://download-a.akamaihd.net/files/content_assets/af/702019182_E_cnt_1_r720P.mp4
  5. getfvid_10000000_506423926852974_4294847066852244932_n.mp4
  6. @James Thomas Rook Jr. I take it as ..."there is no such thing as bad publicity" 😉
  7. @JW Insider wow! 20,000,000! I wasn't aware. Our local Chuck's Produce is a huge healthy market locally and it is always frustrating when they are closed on Saturdays. It must cost them a fortune to close like that on such a busy day but somehow they prosper very well.
  8. @James Thomas Rook Jr. oh my word that was funny..... and really brought me back a few decades. Thank you.
  9. Great Great Grandpa 😉 Life must have been so much simpler back then.

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