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  1. Sorry AS34/GR I didn’t mean to log in at the same time as you. My bad. I keep forgetting who’s who. I’m you, you are me. He is she, it is they, and they are them. As wrong as JWinsider is, he has a good imagination for conspiracies. LOL! People like Anna love it. Can you say secret lovers? I couldn’t agree more. Perhaps it’s because you have about 4-5 people that make the environment here impossible to attach a righteous command by Christ of loving one another and holding the body of Christ in unity. There is no one else to blame. But we also need to keep in mind, there are plenty of oppo
  2. There seems to be a consensus that bigger fonts drive some kind of a point. Being outraged with distorted facts is exactly the position the public holds by those that remember or consider. Nowadays, it seldom does to the outside world. It matters to ex-witnesses the most since they plaster it throughout the internet. It matters here to keep a forgotten distorted view to promote that same agenda. That means there is nothing different here that merits a good Christian discussion. It is simply an excuse to an end means of a negative portrayal of a failing system.
  3. If this is true, then they would be using the same information posted in JW.org. Meanwhile, the service year ends in September.
  4. I wonder with the colorful comments, if it isn’t true, then why does Christendom “believe” in exorcism, while JW’s don’t find it a need, other than to rely upon God’s Holy Spirit.
      Hello guest!
    While poltergeist might attach themselves to a physical object? The understanding is depending, if an object was us
  5. James Thomas Rook The service year has not concluded. I seriously doubt that any information within a regional convention would have the results for next year totals. This year totals are posted in JW.org *** w18 August pp. 4-5 par. 8 Do You Have the Facts? *** 8 There is another danger in quickly forwarding e-mails and text messages. In some lands, our work is under restriction or outright ban. Our opposers in such lands may purposely circulate reports designed to instill fear or to cause us to distrust one another. Consider what happened in the former Soviet Union. The secr
  6. If that’s the case? Then the disgusting froglike visitation, though from a different source. It consists of Satan’s “unclean inspired expressions,” clearly symbolizing propaganda designed to maneuver all human rulers, “kings,” into opposition to Jehovah God. Satan thus makes sure that they are not swayed by the pouring out of the bowls of God’s anger but are firmly on Satan’s side when “the war of the great day of God the Almighty” begins has reared its ugly head once again. The symbolism of those that reject their own doctrine so defiantly would need to be considered. Errors expressed d
  7. I don’t read into religious Ideologies. Since there seems to be a discussion on relevant and irrelevant times? Then it was out of curiosity that my statement was made. It’s been 70 years since the USA officially recognized Israel as a state. I have heard, when the United Nations proclaimed peace and security, it would signal a turn for humanity. The purpose of my statement was to reflect on that. Many people believe, that invocation didn’t need to come from the UN, but an independent nation. Donald Trump affirmed the right for Israeli to hold Jerusalem as its capital. Therefore, he equiv
  8. There seems to be a preoccupation with times and dates about 1975. For those of you that consider bible prophecy? Then today plays well, *IF* Donald Trump announces to have the Capital of Israel moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as indicated by the media. That would be in agreement with those that stay on the watch. Luke 21:36 1947-2017 70 weeks 1967-2017 1 Jubilee
  9. Correct. Free speech should NOT BE CENSORED just because someone doesn’t like the outcome. Political correctness should not be part of a religious forum. As an agnostic? Censoring everyone that opposes a view by demonstrating facts from fiction shouldn’t be used against anyone that expresses “free will”, with their opinion. I have seen enough, to see it doesn’t matter to imply rudeness if everyone here has done that in some fashion. Simple opinions without malice have also been removed. This is an “open” forum to be expressed by all…
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