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  1. to ... 112 miles per hour. Meanwhile every young person in America just decided to never buy a Volvo. - Sometimes safety engineers forget they aren't really good at marketing.
  2. So the latest in my saga continues.... Today out of the blue my "Service Power Steering / Stabilitrak" came up on the dashboard. Every 4-5 months it is something new now. Sort of regretting my purchase already.
  3. Wouldn't this be another good reason to provide safe mass transit options with high speed rail? I don't think high speed rail has this problem.
  4. They could just use the first version of nuclear reactors that produce less waste and that still are running. They don't want to because they are greedy and want MORE $$$ FASTER. Amazes me the stupidity of mankind sometimes. Oh... and there are a couple of other modern designs that are impossible to get to the meltdown stage but they never seem to get built for the very same reasons.
  5. I'm thinking about taking because my mother used to always give us some to keep us healthy..... But I'm wondering about the "Fish Oil" I often see in stores and the old Cod Liver Oil. Do any of you take either of these? Seen any benefits? Is there any actual data to support using these oils? Thanks in advance.
  6. Wow, an important question, I congratulate you for your environmental awareness! Yes, most certainly they do. It’s easy to understand. One of the fundamental physical principles of our Space-Matter-Time universe is that matter - protons and by all practical means also neutrons, the little guys every atom and ultimately objects such as tires and organisms such as human bodies consists of - are indestructible. In simple terms: Everything that is no longer part of your tires cannot disappear, it must be in some form somewhere else in your environment. Car tires must be made of
  7. The next electric Audi is being launched, following in the footsteps of the Audi e-tron SUV and the Audi e-tron Sportback slated for 2019. This time with a flat-floor architecture that provides for exciting proportions and a low center of gravity. 434 kW (590 hp) ensure performance fit for a sports car. The torque is transferred to the wheels via the quattro permanent all-wheel drive with torque vectoring, as you would expect for such a dynamic Audi. The performance subsidiary Audi Sport GmbH is responsible for subsequently transforming the car into a volume-production model. Inspiration
  8. What is it about the Chevy Volt that seems to elicit such heated discussion? After an article on Motor Trend a couple of days ago elucidated the Volt's complicated drivetrain in more detail than we've seen before, the internet green car ether has spent a huge amount of time debating whether or not the Volt can be considered an electric car because of the mechanical connection between the Volt's combustion engine and wheels. Indeed the conversation has ranged the gamut from "who cares?" to "GM is a bunch of liars." The fact of the matter is that the Volt drivetrain is complicated enou
  9. Interesting that nothing ever seemed to happen with this 'massive' leak..... it sort of just died out there.
  10. They are particularly well built and beautiful cars. The 1992 Mercedes was designed to last forever... some are still going with over 1.6 million miles on them. I consider that year to be the best engineered.
  11. General Motors (+4.76%) made a major announcement yesterday. "Staffing transformation": The automaker plans to cut its salaried workforce by as much as 15% (and its executive ranks by 25%). The cuts could total about 14,000 jobs. But remember, this "transformation" was set into motion last month, when GM offered buyout packages to about 18,000 salaried workers in North America. "Increasing capacity utilization": GM said it will stop production at five plants across the U.S. and Canada, and two more internationally, in 2019. (It's possible some could resume operations, pending the o
  12. Well... I finally had to bite the bullet. It's November 16th and I'm at the Chevy dealership ready to pay my $1138 to fix the heater ... A $2000 dollar electric heater ... Wow!! How much does a heater cost in an ICE car normally? Just curious.
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