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Tesla Model 3 driving impressions: Cruise control, Autopilot indicators, UI layout


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Joe Torbati who by now has become arguably more known for his series of Tesla Model 3 videos than being the owner of a leading detailing company that has helped over 2,500 Tesla owners with paint correction and protection services is back with another comprehensive look at the Model 3.

The obsessive and compulsive detailer at OCDetailing in Fremont, California this time focuses on Model 3’s driving features, including Tesla’s Traffic Aware Cruise Control (TACC), regenerative braking, Autopilot indicators on the center touchscreen, and the user interface layout as it relates to driving.

“We have finished this Model 3. The car is done. We tinted the windows, we wrapped the whole car, we treated the interior, we coated everything with CQuartz Finest Reserve, and there was only one thing left to do: drive it.” says Joe.

According to Joe who recorded his Tesla Model 3 driving experience while taking the vehicle to the Fremont factory Supercharger, Tesla’s long range, all-electric sedan feels very nimble to drive and sporty in nature. Joe notes that steering felt heavy when the steering setting was in Sport mode, yet it was able to maintain a responsive feel. Suspension felt stiff like a sports car and acceleration felt snappy. At one point Joe is seen performing a short acceleration test of the Model 3 as he merges onto the freeway.

Joe also points out Model 3’s Autopilot stalk which he describes to be in an awkward location, after accidentally setting the car to neutral while attempting to engage TACC. In addition, he brings to light that several Model 3 features are still in development and have yet to be rolled out through over-the-air software updates. Case in point is the steering wheel buttons that currently do not control anything beyond steering wheel and side mirror adjustments, says Joe.


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