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Implementing communication techniques for working with veterans


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Active Listening

Listening to Understand

Understanding the meaning or content of what is being said.

Focus on the content of the message as it is being delivered to better understand what is being said. if ever you are unsure of what a person means, don't be afraid to ask. It is better to ask than to assume incorrectly. This helps to ensure our perceptions and interpretations of the information are correct.

Recognizing  the emotions behind the statements



Mistakes to Avoid

  • Hearing only part of the message
  • Failing to communicate clearly
  • Missing what is implied "between the lines"
  • Thinking of what we want to say next instead of concentration on what the person is saying
  • Assuming we know what the other person is going to say, and tuning out.
  • Hearing what we want to hear instead of what is being said.
  • Pretending to listen while letting our minds drift elsewhere
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