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  1. Hi to Bro. Freddie there... the picture is so small for me to see everyone....
  2. Be calm brothers and sisters...remember the yearly text, we all belong to the same body. If someone became tactless or misunderstood let's put up with it, learn and move on.... let's not argue on anything - more so for seemingly small issues.
  3. Lol i noticed the same - maybe google translation. Somehow in some way 'they' (satan and his angels maybe) killed them 😊
  4. I wonder what is there to 'beware' of? we know this already - same as our body that create new cells every time; so, the new supply of annointed brothers and sisters but that doesn't mean that the time will be shortened or lengthened or even changed - Jehovah set the time limit since Jesus enthronement like in Noah's day. The coundown is there already - we are not just aware exactly when it will be over but it is very close! Like how we observe the leaf of a fig tree - when you see new leaf - you know that the summer is near. Finding new and young member of the Governing Body is the same -. The Great day of Jehovah is REALLY near. - if the world says 'calm before the storm'. We say 'prepare for the coming storm and then there will be calm'. 🤗
  5. I feel the same if not more so, nonetheless I will seek to clear it up. It could be a mistake or a careful decision was made for a reason. I remember that Jah allowed imperfect men with their imperfect action for the rendering of a bible version. (Septuagint)
  6. Thank you again for that link, I find it hard to find any lyrics from that music.
  7. Thank you Ann,. I wonder if Paul Dinletir is a JW
  8. Is there anybody please who can tell me what is the 2016 Paradise Video - background song/music in that video. It is my first time to hear the society composed such and I'm curious about the lyrics and the song itself.
  9. Hi mate, let it go, Jah will pay back the apostates, those who disrespect his anointed
  10. We don't respond to Rabshakeh... Worshippers of Jah don't need to fight.. Isa 36:21; 2 Tim 2:24
  11. Satan mix poison to your favorite drink to kill you. As lies mixed with truth. no wonder, using a a JW subject with a Mormon poison.
  12. What is "nice" about that? Are we supporting the HARLOT now? Hmmm 🤒